Home Interior Design Perspective: The Wonders of Marble

Home Interior Design Perspective: The Wonders of Marble

When it comes to classic, timeless interior design materials, marble is one of them.

It’s been around since the Ancient Roman and Greek empires. The appeal of the smooth, beautifully patterned rock is as high today as it was numerous millennia ago. And while we probably don’t create as many statues as members of those ancient civilisations, we’ve discovered a wide range of applications.

There are various reasons why marble has managed to retain so much appeal. For a start, it’s an incredibly versatile material. It is also tremendously long-lived, providing an excellent return on investment.

If you’re wondering about the introduction of marble in your home’s interior during 2021, you should definitely stop pondering. Here are some of the main reasons why marble is an amazing material to work with within just about every room. And if you need a bit of inspiration, we’ve also included a couple of uses to get you thinking about upgrading the interior design of your home.

Here’s Why You Need Marble Elements in Your Home

The use of marble isn’t just limited to flooring and we’ll give you a couple of examples of beautiful accessories and functional furniture pieces in the next section of the guide. If you want clean, contemporary interior design with natural materials, introducing a couple of marble elements in your home (or even the office) will work really well.

Timeless materials have a beauty that doesn’t fade. When installed and sealed properly, marble will remain unchanged for generations. It is solid, it’s a perfectly hygienic material and the colours/patterns wouldn’t fail due to cleaning and washing.

On top of being sustainable and very long-lived, marble is also incredibly versatile. Natural marble is available in numerous colours and patterns. There’s white, black, red, pink, yellow, green and grey marble to name a few. All of these varieties come with colourful streaks throughout the material. This means every single marble piece is unique. There isn’t a second one like the item you own.

While very long-lived and versatile, marble can be expensive. This is something you need to account for if you’re planning interior design upgrades. Luckily, you can source marble from many places to compare prices and benefit from discounts or you can opt for an alternative.

The market already offers an array of possibilities. Marble-inspired homogenous tiles and laminated quartz are two budget-friendly choices. They look really good and telling the difference between such materials and marble is nearly impossible. In addition, they give you versatility and ease of maintenance, just like the real thing.

Now that you have an idea about the range of choices, let’s check out some of the ways to add marble elements to your home.

Creative Ways to Bring Marble Sophistication to Your Living Space

Marble floors and kitchen countertops are two popular choices but they’re not the only ones. Cabinet doors, feature walls and table tops can also benefit from marble’s elegance and unique appearance.

Here’s an example of using marble two ways – as a flooring material and as a table top.

The marble table is custom-made to emphasise the natural stone theme even further. It’s slightly different from the tone of the floor to create a point of visual interest while still being in line with the overall interior design concept. As a natural material, marble works really well with other natural materials like wood. One brings warmth, the other is cool, which creates a bit of beautiful visual contrast.

We chose the marble table for this 621 Bukit Batok home since it creates a sense of luxury while also being very practical and easy to clean.

Marble is also an exquisite material for the creation of a pristine bathroom sanctuary and a personal spa.

This River Valley condo has a large enough bathroom that we made even roomier through the selection of neutral tones, whites and the right kind of lights. The marble-inspired homogenous tiles are paired with silver accessories to replicate the feel of an exclusive day spa in one’s very home.

As previously mentioned, marble can also be utilised in various creative ways. A feature wall is one of them and here’s a perfect example of how it enhances urban chic.

This City Life condo living room brings together elegance and warmth. The feature wall provides an easy opportunity to incorporate marble in the design and create a polished, cohesive interior design concept.

A marble feature wall can be quite heavy – something to account for if you dream about introducing such a statement piece in your home. To address the issue, many homeowners opt for laminate instead. It looks realistic and it is much lighter, which facilitates the installation.

We cannot underestimate the importance of marble for the creation of pristine kitchen interior designs.

Here, we have two examples that create different colour schemes and very specific atmospheres by utilising one and the same material.

In the first kitchen example, we used marble-inspired homogenous tiles to create a very luxurious and dark backsplash. The rich yellow lights add even more to the feeling of richness and luxury.

The second kitchen design incorporates larger marble surfaces – the backsplash, the kitchen island and a feature wall. For that project, we worked with natural Arabescato Orobico marble or Italian grey marble.  The unique colour and texture of this marble (grey with streaks of white and gold) makes it very elegant and a classic choice for every part of the home.

Finally, we cannot have a complete inspirational list without looking at the applications of marble in commercial interior design.

Cool and expensive-looking, marble is the perfect choice for every single office. It creates the right kind of reputation for the establishment and impresses visitors as soon as they enter the premises.

This dental surgery reception area we conceptualised is a perfect example of the claim.

The unique natural marble slabs give the space a bit of clarity, while also facilitating cleaning and maintenance.  That specific pattern

Everyone Can Enjoy Timeless Luxury

As you can see, marble has dozens of applications. You can go for small and discrete marble elements that accentuate the rest of the interior. You can have an entire feature wall to instantly elevate the home design concept.

Even if you cannot afford genuine marble, there are many ways to bring its classiness into your home or office.

Contact Home Guide today if you’re looking for opportunities to introduce marble elements to a renovated home or office. We’ve worked extensively with the material and we can make personalised recommendations in line with your needs and the desired aesthetic outcome.

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