Home Interior Design Tips: The Simplest Ways to Bring the Great Outdoors Inside

Home Interior Design Tips: The Simplest Ways to Bring the Great Outdoors Inside

Do you want to feel nature around you 24/7? Luckily, you can harness the power of interior design and home remodelling to bring the great outdoors into your home and make it a bit more sustainable.

Various projects can be executed to make your space greener and much more reminiscent of a natural habitat. Here are some simple suggestions you can easily execute with the help of the right Singapore interior design company.

Plants Everywhere, Yes – Everywhere!

One of the most affordable and practical options for bringing nature into your home is buying lots and lots of plants and flowers.

You can do a bit of research to identify the species that necessitate least care. There are also plants for every room – some demanding little light, some even being a good choice for placement in a bathroom.

The pots and the containers used to house your plants can make an additional style statement and enforce the overall interior design concept you’re featuring in your property. Choose among the numerous possibilities available on the market – lightweight plastic that looks like clay, ceramics, concrete and even stone planting containers can really make your home feel like an urban jungle

Have an Entire Green Wall

If featuring potted plants in your home isn’t enough, you can transform an entire wall into a green space.

Do talk to an interior designer and a landscaping professional about the execution of this project. There will be some practical considerations and some adjustments you’ll have to make to your crawling plants thrive.

Vertical gardens are becoming a new hot trend for residential spaces. A living plant wall can be set up on any wall or fence, as long as the particular room has the right conditions for the plants to thrive. You can either make your own frame to hold the plants or get a pre-constructed one to simplify the process.

Some easy to care-for plants that will grow up and take over the wall include bromeliads, aglaonemas, pothos, snake plant and Brazil philodendron. Most florists and landscape artists will give you good suggestions about easy to care for plants that will grow quickly and soon have the entire wall covered.

Paint a Wall to Get a Beautiful Landscape

Instead of selecting pictures and other pieces of art for your home, have a painting created on one of the walls.

A beautiful picture can bring your favourite place to the living room. A mountain, a lake or a valley landscape can give you some realistic depth and natural appeal. You will simply need to select the right artist for the task, someone who will be up to the scale of the project.

The picture doesn’t have to be 100 per cent realistic – you can choose a landscape that’s a bit more stylised and modern. Choosing one style or the other is entirely dependent on the interior design concept you’re going for.

Use Scents and Sounds

Olfactory signals are very powerful and they can quickly transport us to a place that we love. Don’t underestimate the power of scents when designing a home with the great outdoors in mind.

Incense, potpourri and scented candles can all be utilised to sense the saltiness of the ocean or the fresh aroma of a forest right after the rain.

You can further enhance these scents by using gentle sounds of waves or the wind passing through the branches of trees. There are numerous apps and relaxing recordings you can utilise to bring the sounds of nature into your home.

Natural Decorations

The best aspect of using natural decorations is that you don’t need to buy them – you can create your own decorative items.

Sea shells, pebbles, branches, crystals, fossils and dried leaves can all be used to boost the natural appeal of your home.

Some of these are ideal for the creation of accessories. Leaves can also be used as patterns when painting – having the shape repeated over an entire wall will definitely make a statement.

Don’t be afraid to breathe life into your residential space through the power of botanicals and other natural materials. All you need is a bit of creativity to decide exactly how you’re going to use each individual item.

Water Wall or a Living Room Waterfall

Obviously, such a project will be more challenging to execute and you’ll need a professional to carry out the work. A water wall or a cascade/waterfall in the living room, however, will lead to the complete transformation of that space. Water brings on such tranquillity that you’ll feel completely rejuvenated after spending a bit of time by your indoor waterfall.

There are some ready-made indoor waterfalls. You’ll simply have to fill those with water and plug them in. Alternatively, you can opt for a custom execution that is 100 per cent tailored to the size of your property and the interior design style of the overall decoration.

If you decide to carry out such a project, choose a Singapore interior design team and a contractor that have some experience with such water installations. The system should be designed and set up impeccably to reduce the risk of moisture accumulating in your home or even flooding.

At Home Guide home interior design and renovations, we love working with natural materials and we’re passionate about customised, one of a kind solutions. Together, we can completely overhaul the appearance of your home to give you exactly what you need to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us know exactly how you plan to bring nature indoors. We will discuss the specifics with you and create a personalised quote based on all work elements that have been discussed in advance.

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