Home Interior Design Trends: Grandpa Chic

Home Interior Design Trends: Grandpa Chic

What does your grandma and grandpa’s house look like? It’s probably super cosy, featuring lots of patterned textiles and knickknacks that have been collected over the years. These sentiments are precisely the ones that have inspired the grandpa chic interior design aesthetic.

Apart from being super comfy and soothing, grandpa chic also brings you a bit of functional modernity. Here’s exactly what it is and the reasons why you may want to choose such a concept for your home.

What’s Grandpa Chic Interior Design?

There’s something super charming about grandpa chic interior design. It’s probably the eclectic nature of the design and the fact that it brings back childhood memories.

Grandpa chic interior design gives you that lived-in look. It’s a bit mismatched (on purpose), somewhat maximalist and very colourful. Fun details, maybe even a few kitschy pieces give grandpa chic character, making each execution look perfectly unique.

If you check out grandpa chic pictures online, you’ll quickly notice there are lots and lots of layers. That’s why the design can be a bit difficult to pull off. Getting it wrong means bringing clutter and chaos into your home. A failure to do enough is going to take away from some of the charm.

Because it’s so distinctive and quirky, grandpa chic leaves nobody indifferent. People love it or hate it, there is simply no in between. Check out a few such interior design projects to determine which camp you belong to. There are a few reasons why grandpa chic may make sense for your home.

Reasons Why You May Want to Choose Grandpa Chic Design

Modern, urban existence is very fast-paced and lacking in personality or charm. If you have a busy job and you really need a personal haven away from modernity, grandpa chic would be the perfect interior design concept for you.

This kind of décor gets you in the mood for proper relaxation and quality family time. It’s inviting and warm. A soft sofa covered in a hand-knitted blanket will get you settling for the evening and enjoying a favourite movie.

Grandpa chic is also a good choice for all kinds of homes. A modern studio flat will be transformed completely through the addition of colour, texture and layers. Even if you have a massive apartment, you can still make the grandpa chic style work.

This concept is great for young people who miss some of that family comfort. It’s also suitable for busy, successful professionals who want to detach themselves from everything minimalist, modern and purely functional.

Because of its eclectic nature, grandpa chic interior design lends itself to personalisation. You can easily add a few touches in line with your character and understanding of aesthetics. These touches can come in the form of art, accessories and even the furniture pieces that you choose. You can also express yourself through the selection of the right colour scheme, materials and even the layers that you’ll put on top of each other for that maximalist, lived-in experience.

Few Tips to Bring Grandpa Chic Perfection to Your Home

One of the easiest things you can do to explore the depths of grandpa chic is choose vintage pieces.

They don’t need to belong to the same style or decade. In fact, getting things mismatched will only contribute to a more authentic living arrangement.

Do avoid mass-manufactured pieces, as well as minimalist furniture that’s lacking a temperament of its own. If vintage isn’t your thing, you can always opt for repurposed or reused pieces. Old items are very easy to modernise through the addition of a few coats of paint or brand new upholstery. Just think in perspective and have a clear vision of the end result you’d like to achieve.

As far as colour schemes go, look for natural and warm tones. Yellows, beiges, oranges, browns and a few deeper reds will all be a great choice. Grandpa chic can be even more colourful through the addition of one or more eccentric accent tones. If you don’t know exactly how to work with distinctive colours, choose a few vintage artworks. They’ll give you the brightness and the cheer that may be so difficult to introduce through other choices.

Continue acquiring pieces over time and building upon the original execution. That’s one of the coolest grandpa chic aspects – it will evolve as your collection of favourite belongings grows.

To test the concept out, start with one room and see how it goes. Grandpa chic is an especially good choice for the living room or the master bedroom. Even your home office can rock the grandpa chic aesthetic. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds – the ergonomics of the modern office and the comfort of traditional stylings.

Kitchens and bathrooms are more challenging to transform so it’s best to leave these spaces as a final step of the project. Getting a professional interior designer involved will be an even better idea, especially if you’re looking for comprehensiveness and cohesiveness.

Let Home Guide step in and make that grandpa chic dream come true. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation and let’s go on a transformative journey together.

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