Home Interior Design Trends That Will Rule 2022

Home Interior Design Trends That Will Rule 2022

Is it time to consider a design touch-up for your flat? If so, you may be wondering what interior design trends are going to dominate the landscape in 2022.

The last year and a half really changed our lives, turning many practices and lifestyle choices on their head. We started working at home, exercising at home and socialising less often in person and more in front of the screen. Undoubtedly, these changes have had an impact on interior design. Their effect will continue being felt in 2022 and here are some of the key trends that the past months have shaped up.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

It’s obvious that the home has to serve more purposes than ever before. Unless you have a massive flat, it will be difficult to fit a home office, a gym, a study section for your kid, a wellness corner and living premises in one.

This is why Singaporean interior designers predict the rising popularity of multi-purpose furniture.

Multi-purpose or convertible furniture does exactly what the name suggests – it can be used in multiple activities without occupying a lot of horizontal space. For example, a wooden stool can also double as a storage container or a chair for your office can turn into a bed when fully extended.

The convertible furniture market has grown significantly over the years because such products make a lot of sense for small flats. As people are spending more time at home today, they’ll probably look into the creation of new activity zones. Multi-purpose furniture is an excellent choice, allowing one and the same space to be utilised in numerous ways.

Nature Inside

Greenery adds a lot of freshness and wholesomeness to interior design. Nature, however, can be brought inside an apartment in more than one way. Potted plants are an obvious choice but they’re not the only option.

Nature-inspired can feature materials like wood and marble. Decorations crafted from seashells, branches or pebbles will also be wonderful and unique décor enhancers.

Warm tones, greens and soft textures also fit nicely inside the trend. Some home owners could also choose to experiment with water decorations for a bit of added serenity. A little fountain or a water cascade inside the living room may seem a bit old-school but it’s bound to make a return to the home interior design scene of 2022.

Minimal Consumerism and Environmentally-Friendly Choices

Interior design experts predict that clutter and purely decorative elements that have no function in design are a thing of the past.

The world is moving away from consumerism.

From excessive plastic use to the purchase of items we don’t really need, we are starting to gain awareness about the impact individual actions have on the planet.

Interior design is bound to become cleaner, more functional and less consumerist in 2022 and beyond.

Sustainable materials, repurposed items and functional pieces are all going to dominate the interior design landscape. It’s time to slow down and reduce consummation in its numerous forms – from the need for lots of energy to the desire to purchase cheap knickknacks for the home.

Minimal décor arrangements with maximum function are going to be favoured over other design ideas. These fall in line with post-pandemic realities and can ensure comfortable living without requiring a ton of maintenance.

Art Deco Interior Design

Originally, the art deco movement was born after World War I. It was the result of bold new experiments and the desire to embrace something unusual and exciting.

Today, we need bold and exciting more than we have ever done so in the past.

Art décor interior design is making a massive comeback. It emphasises a number of important things – functional appeal, modernism and elegance. At the same time, art décor elements are ornate and beautiful to look at. They allow for a ton of self-expression and they’re rich, bright and capable of delivering a sense of happiness.

There isn’t a single way to work with art deco at home – you might even be able to pair it with minimalism for a minimal luxury pairing. If you’re curious about the trend but don’t know how to adapt it to your personal style, work with an interior design professional is going to make sense.

The Return of Velvet

We have come to seek comfort in multiple ways. From home spas to personal boudoirs, these design choices are bringing the focus to relaxation and wellness.

There isn’t an easier way to promote comfort than through the use of soft and plushy textiles.

Velvet is one of the materials that will become popular again in 2022. Most people have a love or hate relationship with velvet and if you belong to the first category, you’ll be happy to find out about this trend.

Textiles play a massive role in interior design. They determine the mood of home décor, add colour and texture to every execution. Velvet does all of these things effortlessly.

Velvet is an inviting, cosy fabric. It’s perfect for both the living room and the bedroom. In addition, velvet can be introduced in numerous ways – furniture covers, pillows, cases and curtains to name a few.

The texture itself is also quite bold, making velvet elements real standouts if you’re seeking accent pieces to tie interior design concepts together, velvet would be a wonderful choice.

As you’ve probably concluded already 2022 is going to be an exciting year as far as design goes. If you’re considering a home renovation and you’d like to identify the perfect trend for your home, don’t hesitate to contact Home Guide. We will make recommendations on the basis of space specifics and lifestyle choices. Through such personalisation, we promise a renovation that will easily surpass your expectations.

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