Home Interior Design Trends to Put in Storage

Home Interior Design Trends to Put in Storage

Over the years, many nightmarishly disastrous interior design fads have emerged. Luckily, natural selection played its role and many of those went through much-understandable extinction. Some bad and stereotypical trends, however, have somehow managed to stick around.

What are some of these trends that we need to put an end to today? What are some better alternatives to explore in place of these fads? Let’s examine some interior design trends that have to be put to rest as soon as possible.

Too Much of…

2020 saw the execution of many purist concepts in the world of interior design. From pristine minimalist homes to heavy country-style designs – we have seen them all. While sticking to a single theme and being true to it is obviously a good idea, too much of a good thing can suddenly become not.

An all-white minimalist living room is already predictable and even a little bit boring. Adding a few eclectic elements while sticking to overall minimalism can create points of visual interest and bring fun into the design.

Singapore home interior design companies are always looking for ways to mix and match different elements that work together. Mixing styles, especially when such choices have functional and lifestyle value, will definitely remain a prominent trend for many years to come.

Chevron Prints

home interior design trends to put in storage chevron print

A chevron print consists of inverted V-shapes that create uninterrupted zigzag lines.

If you’re a fan of interior design, you’ve definitely seen chevron prints in more than one magazine or portfolio.

They can look very fun but the problem with chevron prints is that they’ve become heavily overused. A few years ago, these patterns were well sought after. Their time, however, has most definitely come to an end.

Today, the zigzag appeal of chevron is tired and overly busy. This is why interior design professionals and decorators are recommending an alternative. Geometric shapes can be so diversified and fun. Often, they work well with florals and even tropical designs. Going a bit bolder and more unorthodox will definitely pay off, especially if patterns are chosen to work harmoniously with the rest of the interior design.

Macramé Elements

home interior design trends to put in storage macrame

Macramé became very popular back in the 70s and millennials have brought it back over the past few years. There is, however, something quite dated about macramé accessories and the time has come to say goodbye.

Vintage is definitely making a comeback and it’s being embraced by both millennials and generation Z members. There are, however, much more practical and elevated concepts than the good old macramé that deserve to be resuscitated.

The problem with macramé is that it always tends to have this DIY look, even if you’ve spent a lot of money on it. The knots and the overall construction can easily go wrong. In addition, macramé elements will rarely work well with the rest of a contemporary interior design concept.

Painted Bricks

home interior design trends to put in storage painted bricks

Looking for an alternative to bare bricks, many home and office owners experimented with painted brick walls over the past few years. One of the colours most often used in the execution of such projects is white.

The problem with exposed bricks that are painted over is that they lack warmth and timeless appeal.

There’s something exceptionally inviting and desirable about au natural exposed brick wall.

Going for white bricks, however, can result in a number of problems. For a start, such décor elements lack warmth and cosiness. Also, once you paint over bricks, you’ll find it nearly impossible to restore them to their original condition. If you change your mind about the brick wall, you’ll probably have to start to scratch with the execution.

Standard White Trims and Doors

We started with perfection in terms of interior design conceptual executions. One colour that adds to this sense of perfection is white, especially when it comes to trims, window frames and doors.

Having trims, doors, window treatments in a matchy-matchy pristine white results in an interior design that is too sterile. As already mentioned, everything being matched perfectly is too boring. Not only that, perfect whites are very difficult to maintain and they’ll eventually start yellowing.

Going for darker and natural tones makes a lot more sense. Also, it’s not essential for all trims to feature one and the same tone. A colour palette of similar and/or contrasting tones can work really well, once again creating a few lovely points of visual interest.

Heavy, Bulky Curtains

In the past, curtain sets spoke of luxury and sophistication. The heavier the fabric – the better. Today, such bulky curtains are more of a nuisance than an elegant touch. They gather dust, they’re difficult to use and they can be nearly impossible to take down, wash and put back up again.

Bulky is out in most aspects of interior design. Today, Singaporeans are looking for streamlined, functional solutions. Heavy velvet curtains aren’t one of those.

A space can be lightened up instantly through the addition of horizontal or vertical blinders. Blackout curtains are also available to get rid of daylight completely without needing a heavy set of fabric pieces hanging against the window.

So, what’s one conclusion that can be drawn by looking at the interior design trends that need to be put in storage? The single, most important take away is forget about perfection. Home interior design is meant to be both functional and fun. You’ll never get both of these elements by following all the classic interior design rules blindly and making sure that the entire space is properly coordinated and meticulously planned. A little bit of messiness will always pay off by adding unexpected elements and excitement to home décor.

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