Home Interior Designs 5 Biggest Trends!

Home Interior Designs 5 Biggest Trends!

Looking for the hottest trends in residential interior design? You’re at the right place! Home interior design in Singapore is a massive and very successful industry. Contemporary interior design fashions are a very popular genre, mostly because the dearth of real estate make people want to embellish and decorate their interiors to the absolute fullest. But everyone knows that trends are fleeting; every year there’s a new crop to choose from! So below, we’ll be looking at the 5 biggest trends in home interior design Singapore for 2017 according to industry insiders!

Throwback to the Vintage Styles

home interior design trends vintage style

You heard it right; vintage and retro styles are making a comeback this season! Residential interior design is a hotbed for experimental ideas, especially in Singapore, and there is nothing more exploratory than blending the old styles with a contemporary aesthetic! As a result, many vintage styles are making a big splash in modern settings. We have boho-chic furniture, psychedelic colours, retro artwork and even chintz patterns being used with a touch of contemporary to fit the modern sensibilities successfully!

The Scandinavian Style

home interior design trends Scandinavian Classic Kitchen

The perfect blend of minimal and breezy, the Scandinavian style of interior design is a particular favourite when it comes to residential interior design. The reason for this is mostly because this style has the ability to make spaces seem capacious with a dash of elegance and sophistication. Its light, wooden floors, an all-white or almost-monochromatic colour scheme along with an emphasis on natural light and simplicity has rendered the Scandinavian style of interior design an industry favourite.

Storage by Design

home interior design trends storage

One of the biggest trend to follow this season is designing your storage in style. The term ‘storage’ here is being referred to shelving units, cabinets and in-house cupboards. Home interior design in Singapore must always cater to the practical needs of the residents more than anything else. But that doesn’t mean that you get to overlook the aesthetics for function. So designers have been coming up with clever shelving and cabinet designs to designs more interesting in subtle but beautiful ways.

Interesting Lighting Fixtures

home interior design trends lighting

Some say that light is the fourth dimension, which is not quite wrong. Lighting has the ability to make any interior design infinitely more beautiful and dramatic, and clever lighting fixtures are the perfect medium to do so. You’ll find many homes all over Singapore that feature some great lighting fixtures. From pendent lights, contemporary drop chandeliers to even innovative recessed lighting, this residential interior design trend is one of the greatest this season.

Compact and Minimal Bedroom Layouts

Home Interior Designs minimalistic bedroom design

Since the real-estate in Singapore is extremely limited, and most HDB allotted homes have a very stringent square footage, it is important to make the most of the given space. The trend of compact, minimalistic bedroom layouts may have started off as a necessity, but it has now become a booming trend in the residential interior design genre. This mostly consists of a platform bed with an attached study desk and half the bedroom spared for circulation space. The compact layout trend has caught on quite well, and remain a classic for even longer.

Home Guide is one of the oldest and therefore, the most experienced trendsetters in the industry. The firm has designed many residential interior designs over the course of its conception, and knows how to keep up with the latest trends. Consulting with Home Guide Designs would ensure you get the best interior designs in Singapore!

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