Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Home Office Interior Design Ideas

With the rising trend of Freelancing and remote working, home offices have become quite a necessity in modern home interiors. A few years ago, there used to be very little precedents for their design but these days, you can find one in every other home. So further, we’ll be looking at some great home office interior design ideas for your inspiration.

Executive desk

executive desk for home office interior design

The executive desk is the feature object of our home office. It is where you sit and conduct all of your business. Therefore, it needs to be both comfortable as well as stylish. Since home office has now become in essential part of most residential interior designs, you cannot stuff a commercial style executive desk in such a setting. It is more pragmatic to go with a design that is simple and understated. Narrow work desks that are flushed against the wall have been trending in the home office interior design genre. But if you want something more conventional, then you can go for a custom designed small scale executive desk.

Efficient, Stylish Shelving

home office shelving interior design

Shelving is the most important part of a home office. No matter what profession you work in, you’ll always need a storage space for those pesky papers and files. So the shelving for a home office interior design needs to be efficient yet stylish at the same time. It needs to have enough holding capacity for ample storage, but it also needs to look good on the outside in order to add to the aesthetic value of the space.

Seating Nook

office nook interior design for home office

A home office in a residential interior design setting is always designed as a semi-public zone. The reason for this is because you might need to entertain some work guests quite often. However, it is also semi-private so that you may not get sidelined with all the other activities being carried out in the house. In such cases, a seating nook is quite a good idea to incorporate in your home office. You can entertain your work guests there, and if your executive chair gets too stiff to sit in, you can always take a small break by changing positions there.

Understated colour scheme

home office design concept

A home office is quite literally an alternative work space. If you start designing it in vibrant colours and splashy schemes, then it will be a veritable distraction. Imagine trying to concentrate on your work and being constantly distracted from the flashy colour scheme. This is why home offices are designed with a rather understated and elegant colour scheme. You can use earthy colours like tints of brown, or you can design the entire space in monochromes. You can also use a small feature object in an exuberant colour to create contrast in the overall design.

Personal flair

Like all spaces in a residential interior design, the home office should also be decorated with a personal flair. Yes, it is a place where you conduct official business, but even the most dedicated of workstations feature some personal embellishments. In fact, it can be quite unavoidable to leave a home office bereft of personal belongings. So you might as well be in command of this aspect of the interior design. You can feature your favourite book series on a customized feature shelf, or you can carefully arrange some personal paraphernalia on your executive desk. Doing so will definitely add more personality to your home office.

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