How Covid 19 Has Reshaped Interior Design at Home

How Covid 19 Has Reshaped Interior Design at Home

The whole world has had to change and adapt since the beginning of 2020. Covid-19 impacted life in numerous profound ways. It changed how we work, how we take care of our health and most importantly – how we interact with others.

These are some of the most obvious effects but the pandemic has contributed to subtler changes in various other fields. The world of interior design is one of them. If you take a look around, chances are that your ideas for your home renovation has been influenced in a couple of ways because of the pandemic.

So, what are the most prominent residential interior design changes stemming from Covid-19? While some of the most obvious are focused on safety and wellbeing, there are a couple of additional emerging trends pertaining to mental health and wellness at a time of social distancing.

The Rise of the Home Office

One thing we realised as a result of the pandemic is that we don’t always need to head to the office in order to get a job done.

The home office is one of the most prominent emerging trends. Even if people don’t have enough space to put together a separate study, they do create a functional zone dedicated to work, studying or intellectual activities at home.

In the past, some people had home offices because they ran a business or needed to conduct some professional activities a few times per week. During the pandemic, many started utilising their home office five days per week and for months at a time.

This extensive use has made designers and home owners focus on functionality, comfort and the elimination of typical at-home distractions. These goals aren’t easy to achieve in a household environment but careful space planning and the separation of the study area from the rest of the home can help accomplish the goal.

Brighter Colour Trends

Studies show that Covid-19 has taken its toll on mental health.

The social distancing and isolation stemming from it have resulted in a profound sense of loss and grief for so many people. As social creatures, we are all deeply affected by the inability to meet others, hug, spend quality time together and enjoy the presence of loved ones.

Such gloom can be countered through brighter and more colourful home design.

Colour psychology indeed shows us that various tones can have an uplifting effect, creating more cheerful and exciting environments.

This is why home interior design professionals predict that homes will become brighter and more colourful due to the pandemic. Bright shades and colour patterns can elevate one’s mood, counter depressive sensations and transform a home into a happy sanctuary at a time of worries.

Home Spas and Relaxation Areas

In a time of distress, self-care is more important than ever. Luckily, a little bit of luxury and pampering are fairly easy to achieve at home in this day and age.

Covid-19 has already resulted in more Singaporean homeowners seeking out the implementation of a home spa.

Such ideas are especially easy to execute in larger bathroom spaces. Having a steam function or a hydro-massage nozzle in the shower can easily transform a simple room into an actual spa. A beautiful, large bathtub is another nice addition to the personal relaxation space.

Smaller bathrooms can also be decked out in a couple of ways to allow for a bit of self-care and enjoyment. A bathtub caddy is a simple example of a home décor piece that can be introduced to utilise space otherwise left unused. There are beautiful, expensive-looking options on the market that will allow for the proper organisation of cosmetics and personal care items. Other great design choices for a small bathroom include the addition of biophilia and plants to the bathroom, the carving of a wall niche for the placement of candles and heated floors.

Bringing the Travel Experience Home

Many people have had to cancel travel and holiday plans due to the pandemic and the restrictions it brought.

Interior design has accounted for this change in lifestyle. Now more than ever, various home owners are attempting to bring hotel amenities into their residential space.

Such a goal can be accomplished in more than one way.

Having a sauna built into one’s home is a good option to enjoy some vacation-inspired relaxation at home. The same applies to decking out a foyer as a hotel lobby.

The use of certain materials can also create the sensation of being away from home. Rattan, volcanic slate and even corals can be used to turn a home into a tropical haven. Needless to say, that’s just one theme – the world has so much more to offer. From European Renaissance art to a Middle Eastern hookah room, there are many possibilities and travel ideas to explore.

Covid-19 has resulted in some positives and upgrades. The new home interior design trends rank among those.

You can easily transform your residential space, making the most of it and getting to enjoy solutions that were previously unavailable.

For the best possible outcome, do get in touch with a home interior design company. Professionals like the Home Guide home interior designers will conceptualise a thorough home renovation that’s in line with all of your preferences and also execute in a way that surpasses your expectations. Contact Home Guide to start transforming your home today.

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