How Feng Shui Can Attract Positive Energy To Your Home

How Feng Shui Can Attract Positive Energy To Your Home

While most people have heard of Feng Shui, not many take the time to apply Feng Shui principles when designing the floor plan and contents of their home. Aesthetics and functionality are often priorities when planning the interior design of a home, however, by keeping a few principals in mind, maximising energy and flow in the home can easily be achieved as well

Feng Shui looks at the universal energy (Qi) and creating optimal flow in your space according to the cardinal points. Feng Shui also focuses on the five main elements, water (glass, mirror, fountains, black and blue colours), wood (wooden furniture, plants, green and purple colours), fire (leather, square furniture, candles and red colours), earth (stone/clay, square shapes, yellow and brown colours), metal (metal furniture, fittings and ornaments, round shapes, and white and grey colours). An experienced Singapore interior design firm can help you design your home according to these principals as the process can get quite complex. However, there are some basic principles to keep in mind.

The Front Door

A south facing front door is best, however, painting the door red will also reference this direction. The front door should not line up with any other doors or large windows as this will allow the energy to flow straight in, then out of the home. Rather, make the entry a welcoming and calm pause space, to allow energy to pool before moving into the rest of the house. Also, try to avoid the front door facing a closet, bathroom door or opening directly onto an opposite wall that is close by. Finally the door should always open inwards to welcome positive energy.

Doors and Windows

Throughout the home, doors and windows channel light and energy, so their placement is very important. Windows should be kept to the front facade as much as possible as the back wall should remain solid as a support for the home. If exits are opposite each other, slow energy flow with a rug in an interesting pattern, and with artworks on the walls. Doors should always be staggered and not so near to each other that they clash when open. Kitchens and bathrooms are often neglected with regard to windows, so include at least one in each space, if only to aid ventilation.


Bedrooms should be calm nourishing spaces, best in ‘skin’-tone colours. Avoid placing a mirror or aquarium facing the bed, also avoid having your home office near by to avoid the negative energy this can create. Bedrooms are best positioned toward the back of the house, which allows the space to be hidden from the main flow of energy in the home. Try to place the bed as far from an ensuite bathroom as possible and position the head against a flat wall.


residential interior design singapore kitchen bukit batok

The kitchen represents health, wealth and happiness and is best painted in warm, clean colours. When designing the home, avoid entering directly via the kitchen, as this will disrupt the flow of energy for the whole house. If you cannot adjust the layout, and the kitchen is the entry room, avoid aligning your oven with the front door, or where your back will face the door when cooking. Rather, place a pleasant element like an island between the door and oven to break the flow. Fresh herbs and cut flowers are excellent elements to include in a kitchen to maintain positive energy. Avoid placing fire and water energies opposite each other, for instance, the oven and sink should be diagonally opposite, and the bathroom and kitchen doors should not open onto each other. If this occurs, place a wood element between the two; this could be a wooden item, or something that is green in colour


residential interior design singapore bukit batok staircase

A staircase should not face the front door, as these both carry energy, creating a flow that is too fast to be beneficial to the home. Also avoid placing the bedroom door at the top of the staircase, the stairs will carry frenetic energy into the room.

Social Areas

Avoid blocking doorways with furniture and place the sofa against a wall to ground the space. Put a lamp diagonally opposite the doorway, in the corner of the room to energise the wealth energy in the space. Always make sure you have enough seating for all members of the family and if each member has a different energy number, it is important to create balance here with the elements to help even out the energy in the home


Avoid positioning the bathroom In the center of the home or close to your kitchen. Place a mirror outside the bathroom door, to prevent energy from entering the room, as drains provide a sucking exit point. Keep the toilet seat lid down, and the door closed always. To counter the exit points, create a spa-like space that is calm and clear from clutter. As decor elements, include crystals to attract wealth and images from nature for fresh energy as the the bathroom will often have low energy due to the drains.

Decor Elements to Include in any Space for Positive Results

  • Fresh lush plants (lucky bamboo particularly) bring good energy, especially regarding the element of wood. However, avoid dried flowers or plants with sharp edges such as cactuses as they represent dead and sharp energy. Plants are good almost anywhere, but especially in the East, South-East and South.
  • Candles are good to bring in the fire element but be aware of the toxins some candles contain and buy the best quality candles you can afford for your space.
  • There are several Feng Shui symbols which all perform specific functions, such as the dragon, dragon-turtle, Buddha and double good luck. All add positive energy but must be carefully positioned according to Feng Shui principles. Though it may seem there is no place for these elements in contemporary interior design, there are many modern versions available that suit a variety of styles.
  • Good quality air also improves healthy energy and an aromatherapy ultrasonic air diffuser is particularly useful here. Though the air in Singapore can get particularly humid, it is a good idea to open your windows whenever possible to allow fresh air to circulate.
  • Mirrors represent the water element and are particularly good in the home office, suited to east/southeast/and north. In any space, a mirror that is positioned to reflect a lovely outdoor view, will pull the positive energy into that space, however the opposite is true if the view is negative. Also, flat mirrors are best indoors, save concave or convex mirrors for outdoors.

Feng Shui For You

It is important to note that each person has their own kua number, which indicates their direction of strength, so ideally, the home should be designed with these directions in mind. Though there isn’t a one size fits all solution, the above tips will help the overall energy of the home and can provide a good starting point for for your design concept. Home Guide will help you to design your home according to the Feng Shui principles, whether you are building a house from scratch, or simply decorating an existing space. Contact us to discover how we can help you to improve the energy in your home

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