How Much Do Popular Aspects of a Singapore Home Renovation Cost?

How Much Do Popular Aspects of a Singapore Home Renovation Cost?

The cost of a home renovation will depend on many things.

The home interior design work by your professional design company, extensiveness of work that has to be done, the size of the apartment itself and the types of materials the homeowner is drawn to will rank among the primary cost determinants.

If you want to carry out a stress-free Singapore home renovation, you may want to acquaint yourself with the specific costs of different parts of the project. Every renovation feature comes with a specific price tag. The more you know about it in advance, the more prepared you’ll feel to communicate with contractors.


The cost of new flooring depends on the material and the area that needs to be covered.

The average cost of flooring and tiling for a 4-room flat is 11,625 dollars. The sum varies from 8,000 to 20,000 dollars, depending on the material that the homeowner chooses.

Ceramic tiles are one of the most affordable choices. The cost is an average of nine dollars per square foot. Vinyl is another affordable flooring material that comes at 6.25 dollars per square foot and the cost of laminate is four dollars per square foot.

Moving on towards more expensive flooring options, marble and granite are two of those. The average cost of marble floors is 12.5 dollars per square foot and for granite, the cost is 15 dollars per square foot. Hardwood parquet comes at an average of 10.5 dollars per square foot.

When making the calculation, don’t forget the labour cost. The Singapore average for flooring installation is 6.5 dollars per square foot. High-end companies and contractors will charge up to 10 dollars per square foot. The most affordable installation price has been established at three dollars per square foot.


A very prominent home renovation feature, painting is much more affordable than having your flooring replaced.

Statistics for 2019 suggest that having a four-room HDB flat repainted will cost the owner an average of 1,350 dollars.

Sums vary from 1,000 to 1,700 dollars depending on the quality and colour of paint chosen and the reputation of the contractor who will be handling the process.

A Kitchen Island

If you want to spruce up the kitchen and make it more functional, you’re probably considering the addition of a kitchen island.

Interior designers do recommend the installation of a kitchen island if there’s sufficient space for it. The kitchen island allows for additional seating and it features sufficient storage space – something you can never get too much of in the kitchen.

Having a kitchen island built from scratch will cost anywhere between 75 and 180 dollars per square foot. The material and the shape of the island will both determine whether you’ll have to spend a little bit or a large sum on the execution.

New Furniture

Your home renovation provides an excellent opportunity to get rid of some old furniture and buy brand new items. If you’re working on your very first home, you’ll definitely have to acquire at least the basic pieces that will ensure some level of comfort.

Work with your interior design company to determine what the overall style is going to be. A reputable Singapore interior designer can also suggest the best furniture stores that offer an optimal price to quality ratios.

Statistics suggest that new furniture costs anywhere between 4,226 and 32,879 dollars for high-end pieces. The mid-range average is 11,352 dollars for the acquisition of furniture for the entire apartment.

If you want a breakdown by type of furniture, here are a few additional details. A bed-frame (without the mattress) costs an average of 500 dollars for king or queen. A mattress will be an additional sum of 500 dollars. The average dining table costs 530 dollars, a sofa will be 1,100 dollars, a television set will cost 410 dollars.


Speaking of furniture, let’s move on to the kitchen and consider some new appliances that will ensure functionality and that will save money because they’re energy-efficient.

Getting all required appliances for the kitchen will cost you an average of 2,413 dollars. High-end appliances could reach up to 7,162 dollars.

Speaking of individual purchases, a fridge is going to be one of the biggest kitchen investments. The average cost of a mid-range refrigerator is 700 dollars.

A Few Additional Types of Expenses

When carrying out a home renovation in Singapore, you may have to spend on a few additional features and processes.

Knowing the individual cost of each one of those will give you the information required to prioritise and complete a renovation that’s in line with your budget.

The average cost of wall demolition for a four-room HDB flat is 6,000 dollars. To calculate for your own apartment, keep in mind that the cost is 50 dollars per foot run x 120 feet.

Plumbing will cost you an average of 875 dollars for a four-room flat and electrical work averages 4,000 dollars. Carpentry work is the most expensive part of a home renovation with an average of 24,000 dollars. The average cost falls within 100 to 500 dollars per ft. run.

Getting rid of the dirt and debris, hauling, cleaning and polishing cost an average of 500 dollars if you don’t want to handle this aspect of a home renovation on your own.

To make the most of the home renovation opportunity, set a budget in advance.

When you know how much you feel comfortable spending, you can start looking for an interior design team and renovation contractors.

Keep in mind the cheapest offers aren’t always the best ones. The execution could be sub-par, forcing you to spend more on fixes. Alternatively, there could be hidden costs and charges. And as always, be careful of companies that promise you what  may sound like too good to be true.

Home Guide is an interior design company in Singapore that’s insistent on transparency and effective communication with clients. We will keep your budget in mind and we will recommend the renovation features that are in-line with the sum and that will have the biggest impact.

Contact Home Guide today to get started with your cost-efficient home renovation.

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