How To Achieve A Rustic-Industrial Design Style For Your Home

How To Achieve A Rustic-Industrial Design Style For Your Home

The rustic-industrial design style has been in everyone’s mind these days. As a result, its popularity is rising and for good reasons. This gorgeous mix of styles creates not only the look but the purpose that many homeowners like. With this home interior design style, you’ll get strong eclectic aesthetics, authenticity and functionality. Putting these two styles can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to help you achieve that harmonious look you’re hoping to achieve by combining the two home interior design styles. Let’s look at it in more detail

Neutral Colours To Create The Perfect Balance

Colours play a significant role in many interior design styles, especially in an industrial style. The right colour scheme can give the balance you need for a rustic-industrial home. 

Use white as the primary colour to help you get the clean look and spacious feel. One idea is to have the large wall painted white as well as some neutral and warm colours such as gray and shades of brown to create a cosy and inviting space that’ll most certainly make you feel at home. To finish the desirable look, add some black accents for some contrast. For example, you can have black window frames or a black table centerpiece. 

Furniture, Decorations, And Accessories

What makes a rustic-industrial home interior design stand out is perhaps the furniture and decorations. They’re unique and will definitely catch people’s attention. Think of antique lamps, leather chairs, rustic cushions, vintage clocks, and some eccentric art pieces to add your personal touch. 

Also, don’t forget some accessories. Have metal pipes, repurposed tables, car plates, and other unique items you can think of! If you don’t have the extra budget to buy new accessories, maybe it’s time to unpack the house and see what items you could create yourself to constitute that rustic vibe. The rustic-industrial design does require some creativity on your part, so have fun with it. 

Create Textures By Adding Unique Elements

The essentials of industrial interior design style are elements such as wood, exposed concrete, and brick walls. They’re some common sightings you’ll see in rustic-industrial houses. Not only will it give the texture you need, but it’ll also provide your home with a strong character and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. So when you get online or to the store, look out for the materials we mentioned above! 

Is a real brick wall too much of an update? Instead, why not use a wallpaper that’s simple to use. You’ll be surprised at how realistic some of these wallpapers are! 

Lighting is Key

Industrial light fixtures are easy to find in the market due to their popularity. Consider the lighting features for more than its apparent reason for brightening the space. You should also pay attention to the style and details. Industrial-type lightings have unique shapes and decorative elements that’ll surely make your home stand out.  Now, as messy as it can be, don’t hide the cables! Let it hang and be shown as part of the whole rustic-industrial distinctive style.

Is a rustic-industrial design style still your desirable look? Then, let’s make it happen! Contact us and let us help you navigate the intricate process of planning, designing, and renovating your home space in Singapore. 

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