How to Avoid the ‘Butt Brush’ Effect in your Retail Interior Design!

How to Avoid the ‘Butt Brush’ Effect in your Retail Interior Design!

Retail interior design is the perfect culmination of aesthetics and ergonomics. Both of these aspects have to work in harmony if you want to achieve the perfect atmosphere – one that buys and potential clients will instantly fall in love with. In achieving this implacable conundrum, you might have to face the dilemma of allocating the space according to merchandise quantity instead of quality.

When you try to do that, you’ll find that your retail outlet either becomes too cluttered or too unidentifiable. Both of these outcomes have some severe consequences, the worst of which is driving the customers away. But most importantly, they’re the Launchpad for the ‘Butt Brush’ effect. This effect basically entails that the customers have to walk through narrow aisle where their backs might brush. This is infinitely undesirable as far as shopping experience is concerned, so here’s how you can avoid the Butt Brush effect in your retail outlets.

Never underestimate quality

It is important to understand that when it comes to retail interior design, the most important thing to consider is the quality instead of the quantity. In case where the latter trumps the former, you should make sure you have an outlet large enough to accommodate all of the products you want features in a feasible, ergonomically efficient space. Only when the outlet is large enough can you manage to avoid the Butt Brush effect for your retail interior designs.

Defy the minimum standards

The minimum aisle width for any retail interior design is at least 4 feet. This difference needs to be carefully implemented, but many times even this can fall short. Therefore, you should always need to account for one or two extra feet between any two parallel aisles in order for the customers to walk around smoothly. The formula is basically this; you have to make sure that any two people standing back to back or side to side do not brush against each other and always maintain a respectable distance.

Alternate aisles

An easy way to spice up your retail interior design while avoiding the Butt Brush effect at the same time is by designing alternate aisles. You can simply make sure that the design of your aisles does not correspond in a parallel fashion. It can simply be side-by-side, adjacent, or even corresponding. This will lend a unique look to your layout while avoiding visual and bodily clutter at the same time.

Create small decompression zones

A decompression zone is basically a feature display area on which you can display some of the major merchandise in an outlet. These may consist of mannequins or other unique furniture and display items. You can create small decompression zones in between every two or three display aisles to break away the monotony and avoid the Butt Brush effect at the same time.

Home guide designs has been in the business of interior design for more than two decades. Our team is well aware of all the messes something like the Butt Brush effect can cause in a retail interior design, so rest assured that our services will always be qualitative and cognizant to such defects.

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