How to Better the Reception Area of your Office Interior Design?

How to Better the Reception Area of your Office Interior Design?

The reception area is an integral and very important part of any office interior design. It is representative of all that lies inside the actual office space. Therefore, its design needs to be beneficial for the company’s image and relevant according to the context of services or products that they deliver. Further, we’ll be taking a look at how you can make the reception area of your office more impactful.

Feature Back Wall

Aside from the reception desk, the feature back wall is what makes the reception area so attractive. While the desk itself can be simple in style, you can think outside the box for the feature wall design. Many companies even have motion sensor art installations as their reception back walls. Others prefer to keep things simple with minimalistic back wall designs. It all depends on your personal preference and design tastes.

Brand/Corporate Identity

The reception wall is the perfect place to feature your company logo. As you might already know, graphic design and marketing are a huge part of a company’s success. Your company logo may as well be the face of your company in commercial tiers. And as the reception is the literal forefront of your office interior design, you can successfully use the two in interchangeable concepts. You can use the logo in the reception desk or feature wall design in order to do so successfully.

First Impressions Matter

The reception is essentially the first place your clients, potential employees and investors are going to come to. Therefore, it represents the literal first impression of your work atmosphere. As the old adage goes, ‘first impression is the last impression.’ So you need to make the reception as impactful as you possibly can in order to make your office interior design absolutely stand out for anyone who matters.

Green Design Elements

Corporate and office buildings tend to be located in massively urban areas. The corporate giants of the contemporary world always ensure that they implement several green design tactics in their office interior designs. If you have a nicely designed hydroponic wall installed right at the reception area, it will lend a refreshing yet appropriately commercial vibe to the overall reception ambiance. It will also have a positive impact on any visiting executives, sponsors, investors and even clients.

Officious But Comfortable

The reception are needs to be the perfect blend of officious yet comfortable. Its ambience needs to speak directly to the visitors – “You’re walking to a lean, mean yet comfortable corporate machine; classy, austere yet relaxing.” Google and Facebook offices have got this idea down pat in their office interior designs. Their receptions are a nice abstract of what you can expect to find inside.

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