How To Create A Relaxing Environment For Your Home

How To Create A Relaxing Environment For Your Home

Coming home should be like stepping into an oasis.  Your home is your refuge from the world, the place where you can rest, relax, and recharge before you go back out into the world for another day.  You want to be able to come home to an inviting place where you can unwind, but if your home interior design is off, you’ll find it much harder to be able to find serenity in the home.  If you’re looking for a way for your home’s interior design to help turn your Singapore apartment into a den of relaxation, you’ll want to check out a few of these tips:

Create Goals For Yourself

There are many things about a home or apartment that can keep it from feeling relaxing, from chaotic mess to stained furniture.  Decide for yourself what you need to deal with in order to achieve the relaxing atmosphere that you’re going for.  If you’ve got too much clutter, figure out what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep.  If the place is messy and the furniture stained, try getting it cleaned and seeing if your furniture is salvageable.

Just as there are many forms of chaos, there are also plenty of different types of relaxation that you can choose from for your home.  If you’re in the mood for something Zen and pristine, you’ll want to make slightly different choices than if you’d rather have a soft and pillowy home to help you relax and de-stress.

Balance Your Storage

Some things that you store in your home you may want to proudly display, while others are better tucked away out of sight.  Anything that’s visually pleasing and interesting to you and your guests can be prominently displayed on an open shelf bookcase.  Tools and other utilitarian products can be stored underneath in closed cabinets where they’re out of sight, out of mind.

Having too many things visibly strewn about can cause anxiety and create stress.  Prioritize what objects or collections you want to display and put them all in one place rather than scattering them about.  This gives the eye a place to settle and keeps you from feeling cluttered and overwhelmed.

Choose Warmer Lighting

Light bulbs with a colour temperature of over 3,000 Kelvin create a look that may be too cool for one’s home, so go for a bulbs with a temperature range of 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin for something a bit warmer.  If you’ve got a lighting fixture that’s a little too cold, a lampshade with a gold lining can be a great way to warm it up.

Layering light is another excellent way of creating a relaxing ambiance, as the different layers of light provide different focal points and soften the room.  Install lights to highlight different areas of the room, such as picture lights above pieces of art.  And if you’re looking for a night-time light to help lull you to sleep, indirect lighting installed along the floor will help illuminate the room without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

Sunlight can be an excellent way of lighting the room, but too much sun will create a blinding effect that can be overwhelming in the morning.  Consider installing two layers of window coverings- a light layer to filter sunlight and a heavier layer to create a blackout effect.  This can give you the option to let the natural light shine in without it being too much, as well as letting you block it out when you need to.

Choose Light Paint Colours

It’s pretty difficult to feel calm in an apartment when the walls are painted an overstimulating colour like blood red.  Opt for something with a softer colour palette like pastels or soft greys to give the walls a relaxing look.  Dark colours are a great choice for bedrooms, creating a cave-like effect that can make night-time very peaceful.  Opt for a flat or matte sheen rather than a shiny one to avoid something too stimulating.

Paint colours that are desperate for attention will be too much if you paint the whole room with it.  If you’ve fallen in love with a bold and attention grabbing colour, consider painting an accent wall and choosing something more neutral for the rest of the space.  You can also use these eccentric colours to act as surprises, painting the inside of your closets or cupboards for a bit of life without having it on full display.

Make Comfort A Priority

When it comes to furniture, function and comfort are the two most important things.  While style is always a factor, choosing a couch that’s great to look at but awful to sit on will not make you want to come home at the end of the day.  Choose a sofa with the right level of cushioning to make sure you have enough support.  A great litmus test for comfortable furniture is a piece that you could easily take a nap on, so find furniture that meets your look while still giving you the comfort you need.

Home Guide is an interior design company that can give you turn your chaotic apartment into a relaxing paradise.  Check out our portfolio to see some of the comfortable and stylish designs we’ve completed, and contact us today for all of your Singapore interior design needs!

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