How to Design the Perfect Dual Purpose Room

How to Design the Perfect Dual Purpose Room

Space is a limited resource. If you live in a small flat, you know that fact all too well. You have to prioritise the most important lifestyle aspects when designing the apartment and giving each room purpose. And you’ll probably have to make a compromise with everything that you’d like to fit in the limited amount of space.

Or would you?

Dual purpose rooms are the perfect solution for space-starved apartments. They allow for the creation of two (or even more) functional zones, making it possible to host everything that you dream of having in a small flat.

Designing a dual purpose room isn’t easy – you have to be smart and strategic. Working with an interior designer is the best way to ensure complete functionality that also looks good. Here are a few of the essentials you’ll focus on while working on such a project.

A Focus on Purposes and Functionalities

The first and most important thing you have to decide is the dual purposes and functionalities of the space. Preferably, these should have something in common so that things like furniture can easily overlap in uses. Looking at it this way will allow you start space planning and curating furniture and other functional items for both of the activities that the space is intended for.

A living room and a space for a family game night can work really well together. The same applies to the living room and multimedia centre combo. For small spaces, a living room and dining area combo is very often seen.

A home office combined with a guest room is another popular choice that interior designers often execute today. There’s a simple reason why this idea works well. Most people don’t host guests that frequently. As a result, the space can be used as an office or a library most of the time while it will get transformed into a guest room when the need arises.

It’s easy to see how the logic works here. A kitchen can have a dining zone or a space for hosting guests. A bedroom can feature a yoga and meditation corner. Take some time to think about the main things you’d like to do at home. When you have some idea about the top priorities, you can start conceptualising the most logical dual purpose spaces.

No Space Goes To Waste

A room in the house is going to have a main function and a secondary purpose. Let’s take the living room as an example. Its main purpose is obvious. But chances are that one corner of the room can be dedicated to something else.

Filling a corner is a good idea because this way, you’ll be taking up less space while still featuring the essentials.

A triangular, custom-built desk, for example, can be fitted in the corner to create a home office. Add a few shelves and storage containers and the place is ready for use. It will look minimal but at the same time, it’s going to feature all essentials required to work, handle family finances or complete any other activity that requires concentration.

You can create a study area for your kid in the very same way. Custom-built furniture or a folding desk will be ideal because these take into account space limitations while also giving you everything required to partake in the respective activity.

Clever Storage To Create Space

If a flat is particularly small, you’ll have to tidy up elements of one purpose in order to utilise the room’s second purpose. To do that, you’ll need plenty of storage space. Luckily, clever storage solutions exist for the need of space-starved apartment owners.

When you’re not using items and accessories related to one activity, put them away. Otherwise, you risk having a space that features everything but the kitchen sink and looks chaotic.

Vertical storage that frees horizontal space, as well as built-on or concealed storage units that are dual function can work really well. Generally speaking, you should be making use of the nooks and crannies that remain empty and cannot be utilized in any other way. While you may have to invest in custom storage units, these will add a lot to the versatility of the respective space.

Know Where to Draw the Line

Some dual purpose ideas may not make sense. For example, a home office that is also a home gym or a  kitchen that is also a multimedia space.

While you may be pushed to create as many dual purpose areas as possible due to flat size limitations, some combinations aren’t viable. If you attempt to work on such projects, you’ll end up wasting time and resources. Eventually, you’ll get an outcome that isn’t practical and that simply takes up space instead of adding value to the property.

A home interior design company can help you avoid this mistake and some other common issues related to making dual purpose rooms work. Contact Home Guide if you have a small flat you’d like to enrichen. We’ll come up with various smart solutions and creative zoning approaches to give you everything you’ve ever been hoping for. Also check out our 2-room HDB BTO renovation packages as well as 3-room HDB BTO renovation packages as a starting point to get your new home renovation going!

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