How to Design Your Home for Hosting and Entertaining

How to Design Your Home for Hosting and Entertaining

One year ago, many of us believed that we’d be back to the world as we know it in a couple of months.

Unfortunately, such optimistic views haven’t changed the reality of the situation.

Today, we are still in Phase 3 of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker. Some restrictions and limitations are still in place to protect public health and curb the eventual spread of the novel coronavirus.

One of these limitations pertains to gatherings. As of now, Singaporeans can only have eight guests attending an event. Because of this limit and due to some safety concerns, many people opt for hosting small gatherings at home.

If you’re one of these people, you know well enough that the right environment is needed to host and entertain guests.

A couple of home renovations and interior design improvements can be completed for the purpose. Here’s how to design your Singaporean home for hosting and guest entertaining.

Entertainment-Ready Doesn’t Mean Large Homes

Many (wrongfully) believe in the notion that you need a large home in order to entertain.

This isn’t the case. A small flat can be the perfect place for small gatherings.

In home interior design, scale matters much more than size. This means every room can appear tidy and spacious if the right furniture pieces and accessories get chosen.

A scale that’s out of proportion (for example – a bulky sofa in a fairly small living room) will lose its charm and comfort. It will also impede the movement of people and effortless communication.

Good coordination and an eye for detail will be required to determine the dimensions and scale of home items that are well-suited to the specifics of the flat. Opting for streamlined and even smart furniture that serves multiple purposes is always a good idea. Such pieces can ensure convenience while entertaining and also give the space enough air to “breathe.”

How Will You Be Entertaining?

Home interior design aimed at guest hosting isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

How do you intend to entertain and what kinds of people will you intend to have over? Party animals who enjoy good music amd dancing? Avid gamers who enjoy a competitive game? Culinary connoisseurs? A more intellectual crowd interested in classical pieces and a stimulating conversation?

The manner in which you plan to entertain guests will help you pinpoint the home improvement that make the most sense.

For some Singaporean home owners, a large kitchen and a beautiful dining room will be essential. Others will focus setting up of an entertainment room that brags a full cinema or immersive gaming experience with top-of-the-line audio equipment.

Think about your preferences and what your friends/relatives enjoy. These considerations will help you come up with interactive home improvements suited to the requirements of the specific activity.

Setting the Mood with Lights

how to design your home for hosting and entertaining lights mood

Do you know what’s one of the easiest ways to change the mood in the room? Yes, the title of the section has probably given the answer away. Lights, especially adjustable lighting systems, can be the perfect atmosphere builder.

Through dimmed, warm lights, you can create an intimate ambiance for a friendly conversation. Bright lights are a good choice for parties during which you intend to play games or focus on other group activities that require good illumination. Lights systems that are dimmable or even smart lights that allow for setting the exact colour, warmth and brightness are essential for setting the mood for movie nightss, intimate dinners or having little home dance party.

Layered lights, spot lights and functional illumination can all be employed. The same applies to chandeliers and fixtures. Not only do these impact the quality of the light, they also have an effect on the aesthetics and the style of the room.

Don’t Forget the Outside Space

how to design your home for hosting and entertaining outside space

If your home is endowed with a balcony or a beautiful terrace, that additional space will provide wonderful opportunities for hosting and entertaining guests. Do plan for some exterior improvements if you want to be considered the ultimate host.

Some beautiful outdoor furniture, an exterior bar and a couple of charming lanterns can quickly transform your balcony into a magical outdoor party venue.

Once again – the size of the outdoor space shouldn’t discourage you from offering that possibility to guests.

A few of your guests would want to go out and catch a breath. Some would want to enjoy the beauty of the night-time Singaporean landscape. It wouldn’t cost you a lot to offer such possibilities in a safe and comfortable way.

Choose the Right Contractor for Interior Design and Home Improvements

Adding a new function to your home’s interior is easy. You just need to have a specific idea about what you want to do and a solid partner to bring that idea to reality.

Hosting guests in 2021 will be an enjoyable activity to try out in 2021 and beyond. We are entering a new stage of life that will necessitate adjustments. This is especially true for socialising. If you cannot go to parties and large gatherings, you can definitely bring those to your space.

Home Guide can help you accomplish the mission.

We specialise in residential interior design and we manage the process from A to Z. If you partner up with Home Guide, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing, be it conceptualising or executing the upgrades.

Check out our residential portfolio here or contact us today to start working on your home improvement vision.

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