How to Design Your Office for Millennial Employees

How to Design Your Office for Millennial Employees

Millennial professionals are rapidly entering the workforce. Their habits and expectations are completely different from those of previous generations. Millennials have grown up with a lot of technology, which is why they prefer smart and innovative solutions.

Office interior design has to take these human resource specifics in consideration. Designing an office that will keep millennial employees happy is not going to be an easy task if you lack awareness of their preferences and office workspace routines.

A Mix of Business and Relaxation

Rigid, 100 per cent work-focused office interior design is not going to appeal to millennials in Singapore. Young professionals prefer a much more informal setting and the stiff corporate ambiance will turn them off from being productive and from engaging with the work process.

Talk to your Singapore interior design company. Think of a mix between business activities and relaxation areas for the best possible outcome. Flexibility is the key here!

A chillout zone in the office, for example, is a great addition that young professionals will appreciate. This should be a place where employees can have a cup of coffee and a pleasant chat. A sofa, bean bags, little coffee tables and discrete niches for reading or for a nap can be an excellent addition to this space.

Such spaces promote business culture and teamwork. They can also help for the reduction of stress levels in a particularly hectic industry.

If you have enough space, you may also consider the creation of a wellness area in the office. Millennials know what a healthy lifestyle is and they will be happy to get a couple of conveniences at the office. A space for a weekly massage, for example, is a perfect choice for the contemporary workspace. The same applies to a small but functional office gym.

How to Design Your Office for Millennial Employees Mix Business and Relaxation

Open Spaces with a Little Emphasis on Privacy

Collaboration and agility has become one of the essentials for enhanced productivity in today’s office. Open space design is one of the best choices as far as fostering collaboration goes.

Younger workers enjoy communication with each other. Gone are the days of the office cubicle. Rather, plan having workstations grouped together so that people who need to be a part of a team can interact effortlessly with each other.

Mobile work stations are also an excellent choice as far as open space office interior design goes. Millennial workers will be in charge of desk placement and they can move around for the purpose of interacting with the right people on the execution of a certain project.

At the same time, a bit of privacy will be needed on occasions. Whenever challenging tasks have to be accomplished, workers will want to be left alone. The use of portable dividers in the contemporary Singapore office can help for the creation of little private areas. Once the project is completed, that private area will become a part of the open space once again.

Open offices for Millenials

Choose Ergonomic Furniture

If you talk to an experienced interior design firm, you will probably be told to choose ergonomic furniture for your youthful workforce.

As already mentioned, a healthy lifestyle is of key importance for millennials. People who spend eight or more hours in the office will want furniture and accessories that offer enough support and comfort.

Ergonomic furniture is a must. Opt for pieces that offer multiple types of adjustment – height, angle and even level of support. Desks that convert from standard to standing work stations are also great. People who have a sedentary job will often want to stretch their feet. Working while standing up is becoming the new norm in many companies across the globe. Get a feel for what your employees may want an if such an idea is perceived favourably, consider investing in such workstations.

Active chairs and ball chairs are also a good choice. They allow workers to move while they’re sitting.

Sky is the limit when it comes to innovative furniture that promotes an active lifestyle. Explore the options and if they fit your office interior design concept, you should certainly consider getting such pieces.

How to Design Your Office for Millennial Employees Ergonomics

Create an Office Environment That Resembles a Home

As already mentioned, millennials prefer more casual work spaces. This is why the trendiness of offices that resemble home design has grown.

Office interior design that feels almost residential creates a sense of comfort and relaxation. When people feel comfortable and welcomed in their surroundings, they will be capable of focusing on the most pressing tasks at hand. For the best possible outcome of such design experiments, you may want to have employees somewhat involved in the process (choosing artwork, decorating their little corner of the office, having a say about the colour scheme, etc.).

A lot of greenery, artwork in the office and beautiful soft furniture can all bridge the gap between the workspace and the homes of employees.

It’s also a good idea to put emphasis on the kitchen. Functional office kitchens allow workers to store their food and prepare simple healthy meals. Kitchens are also a place where people come together during lunch time to share a laugh and have a chat. A kitchen that’s welcoming and practically designed will make it much easier for employees to break the ice and get to know each other better.

Relaxed social settings are the running theme for an office space designed for the needs of millennials workers. This is what you should pursue in your collaboration with a Singapore interior design company. To get the best outcome, make sure that the respective team has enough experience in designing for millennials.

Home Guide’s team is one such interior design group of professionals. We have partnered up with multiple Singapore companies over the years, creating custom solutions that address all of their needs.

Are you trying to build the perfect office for your millennial workers? We will love to help you bring the idea to reality. Contact us right now to tell us a bit more about your business and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Is it a Good Idea for an Office to Resemble Home Settings
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