How to Do Research Before Starting an Interior Design Project

How to Do Research Before Starting an Interior Design Project

We live in the age of information. Internet is such a massive resource that doing research on just about any topic has turned into the simplest task on the face of the planet. This is why you probably want to do your homework before getting started with a home interior design project.

With so many sources and possible inspirations, however, things can become confusing, especially when getting quotations from the many interior design company websites.. How do you narrow a concept down, keeping ideas relevant and in line with your main vision? Here’s how to accomplish the goal.

Check Visual Ideas

This is the easiest way to get started, especially if you’re not a professional interior designer.

Very often, home owners will have some vision of the renovation they’d want to accomplish. Unfortunately, putting that idea into words may be very difficult.

Start by looking at visual boards. Pinterest and Instagram offer great entry points into the world of interior design. Look for visuals that look similar to what you’ve imagined. Printing those and showing the pictures to an interior designer can be tremendously helpful. These images will clarify what you’re looking for and help an interior design professional accomplish exactly what you have in mind.

Even if you don’t have a particular interior design style that you’d like to explore, do some visual research. Checking out pictures of different projects can help you get inspired and pinpoint the theme that appeals to you the most.

Research Prices and Services

The next part of the process isn’t as creative but it’s equally important.

Once you have at least some concept of what you’re trying to do, start researching services and prices. This way, you can determine a realistic budget and plan the financial aspects of the renovation.

Many Singaporean interior design companies feature price lists on their websites. Professionals like the Home Guide team can also have some promotional offers that will give you a discount and an accurate calculation at the same time.

When doing such research, make sure you know exactly what’s included in a price. if you have to, send an email asking for some clarification. Getting detailed quotes from a few interior design companies can also be beneficial. This way, you’ll get to compare services side by side and pinpoint the one that makes the most sense both financially and quality-wise.

You can also count on guides like this one to understand the costs of renovation in Singapore today. Keeping these numbers as a reference point, you’ll know if a service provider is asking for way too much.

Materials, Furniture and Decorations

Usually, an interior design company in Singapore will take care of these essential aspects of the project but doing some research in advance will still be beneficial.

Take some time to find out what materials, furniture types and decorations are available on the market right now. Examining prices will also put things in perspective. Looking for such data will help you plan important aspects of the renovation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in furniture and home improvement stores, you may have to seek out a bespoke solution. In that case, you’ll need to get in touch with additional professionals who can handle the execution.

The Singaporean home improvement market is very rich and diversified. You can do a bit of research online or visit a store to check out the different tiles, types of flooring, bathroom fixtures, lights, paint colours, etc.

Don’t shy away from dreaming big and planning a massive transformation. Very often, you will come across budget-friendly choices that will help you carry out a complete home overhaul that isn’t going to cost you a fortune.

Look for Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Here’s one final very important thing you may want to look for online.

Today, internet has given customers the power to build the reputation of service providers or destroy it altogether.

Once you pinpoint a few renovation teams that you’d like to work with in the future, seek out reviews and testimonials written by former clients.

Such information can often be found on social media or via the website of the respective service provider. Asking for direct referrals is another good idea.

If you’re reading online reviews, make sure they sound credible (regardless of whether the testimonial is negative or positive). Sometimes, online reviews can be drafted for marketing purposes by the service provider themselves or by the competition. In that case, the information is going to be unrealistically positive or negative.

Coming across multiple client reviews that make similar claims can help you rest assured that the information is trustworthy.

You should also pay attention to the way in which an interior design company handles negative reviews. Criticism handled in a productive way can easily turn into the best form of marketing for the respective company.

If you’re looking forward to designing the home of your dreams, take some time to brainstorm and imagine the possibilities. Once you have this information, contact Home Guide. No matter how extensive and challenging the project is, as a full service home renovation contractor, we’ll do our best to realise your vision in the most cost-effective and precise way.

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