How to Enjoy Greenery at Home Without Having to Care for Plants

How to Enjoy Greenery at Home Without Having to Care for Plants

Plants are beautiful and so pleasant to look at. How many times have you imagined putting together the perfect home garden consisting of flowers, greenery and even a few exotic species? Unfortunately, all of your home garden projects have come to an abrupt end so far when the plants died. It’s simply not in your blood to keep flowers alive!

You’re not alone in facing difficulties with potted plants.

The good news is that you can still enjoy greenery without having to worry about anything losing its foliage, drying up or drowning in too much water. You’ll need to get somewhat creative but the outcome will definitely be worth the effort.

Give Plants a Try with Low Maintenance Species

home interior design house plants snake plant

Before looking at the other ways to add greenery to your home, let’s talk about low maintenance plants.

Chances are that your gardening efforts have been failing due to the fact you chose the wrong plants. Some species are very sensitive to light, fertilization, pruning and watering conditions. If you don’t get things right, you’ll most definitely lose those plants.

Other species are much less fickle. They can survive without being watered for prolonged periods of time and they don’t need a lot of sunlight in order to thrive. Some of these low maintenance plant species include snake plant, pothos, spider plant, succulents, most kinds of air plants, monstera and philodendrons. Most of these also look really good and you’ll definitely enjoy the beauty of your brand new, low-maintenance garden.

Faux Plants

Faux plants are an obvious replacement but many people would avoid their addition to their home interior. The reason is simple – in the past, faux plants used to look really tacky and some think it is bad for Feng Shui. They had a terrible plastic feel to them, which made such décor elements look cheap and very artificial.

Faux plants today are very different from their predecessors.

If you look online or visit a home décor store in Singapore such as Spotlight of Ikea, you’ll come across dozens of choices. Made of different materials, such plants are really lifelike and difficult to distinguish from actual greenery.

Faux plants don’t require any care (well, you’ll still need to dust them every once in a while) and if you have the budget, you can easily create an entire wall out of them. Just choose the varieties that are best suited to your home interior design and come up with a balanced arrangement that complements the rest of the décor.

Dried Flowers and Leaves

home interior design singapore home guide dried plants

Dried floral arrangements are also quite long-lived. They’re not as durable as faux plants but often, such bouquets or arrangements can have a really artistic feel to them.

Many shop sell dried flowers, grasses and leaves. These are available in the form of bouquets, individual pieces you can mix and match yourself or even framed “artworks.”

Some dried flowers like lavender, for example, will also add a lovely scent to your home’s interior.

Dried flowers can last up to one year if you take proper care of them. That’s a wonderful fact because you’ll be free from having to think about replacements often. Additionally, you can change things up every once in a while to give your décor a fresh upgrade.

Grow Moss on a Wall

home interior design moss wall singapore

Greenery in the form of a moss wall is super fun and almost entirely maintenance-free.

Moss doesn’t need watering or fertilization. You can simply mist it once or twice per week and it will be good to go.

Creating a DIY moss garden is very easy, even if you’re not the best at keeping potted plants alive. And if you don’t have the time or the desire to handle such a project on your own, you can always get a florist to help you with creating that beautiful green spot in your home.

Use Textiles, Wallpapers or Art

8 Creative Ways To Decorate A Wall Wallpaper

Finally, you can use traditional décor elements to create the feeling of greenery at home.

Printed textiles and wallpapers give you the easiest choices. At the same time, these décor elements are large enough to make the greenery visible and prominent.

Alternatively, you can choose artwork that depicts plants or other natural elements. This isn’t greenery per-se but it will most definitely contribute to the home vibe you’re going for.

Nature-inspired art can also be abstract rather than hyper-realistic. What matters is getting those green hues and the earthiness of the outdoors. Don’t be afraid of exploring different kinds of art and going for what you enjoy the most. By doing so, you’ll remain true to your vision and you’ll also have a lovely green element to enjoy.

Bouquets and Natural Displays

Home Interior Design Creative Ways To Decorate Your Singapore Home With Flowers

If you like the appearance of actual plants, you can easily have those at home without needing to care for them in the long-run.

A beautiful floral bouquet will last you a week or so. it’s also very easy to pick some beautiful leaves or a couple of branches and create your own temporary green arrangement.

It’s always a good idea to use your imagination and bring the outdoor elements you like the most in your home.

And if you don’t know how to do so in an aesthetic way, you can always employ some assistance.

The Home Guide interior design team has you covered. We know how to make your home both green and low-maintenance. Contact us today to discover the secret for yourself.

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