How to Get More Sunlight in Your Home without Renovating

How to Get More Sunlight in Your Home without Renovating

Is the ambiance in your home somewhat gloomy and lifeless? If so, you could be missing optimal natural light levels.

Many people believe that maximising daylight without extensive renovations is impossible. The good news is that excellent results can be achieved through the power of smart interior design changes. A few basic upgrades can really transform the space and make it brighter. Here are a few approaches bound to deliver notable changes.

Choose the Right Colours

Tweaking the colour scheme a bit will instantly change the level of light in the respective space.

And by colour changes, we don’t necessarily mean getting the walls repainted. Picking new accessories and textiles will have an equally powerful effect.

The general rule of thumb is that light colours like white, beige, taupe and light grey can reflect light rather than absorb it. As such, these tones have the power to make any room appear brighter (even if there aren’t too many windows for light to enter through).

Shiny surfaces like silk, for example, will also do wonders in terms of reflecting light and creating some additional brightness. Playing with the colour and the texture of accessories is a cool way to upgrade the interior design and also get rid of some unnecessary dimness.

Clean and Declutter

This is probably the simplest tip that will work so well for all homeowners. For a start, decluttering is something that everybody can do. On top of that, it will deliver a range of interior design benefits.

Imagine tall piles of things standing against the wall, close to the window or in the middle of the room. Clutter has the power to distract and affect your mood. In addition, it prevents sunlight from reaching every corner, making the room appear a lot gloomier than it actually is.

Take a look around. Is there too much stuff occupying space instead of being neatly tucked away? If that’s the case, you’ll need to get rid of the junk before considering another house upgrade option. Chances are that a few days of cleaning and reorganising will have a profound effect on the appearance of your living space.

Check Out the Exterior

In order to reach your rooms, light needs to have unobstructed pathways through your windows.

That’s why you need to think about both the interior and the exterior when trying to make your rooms brighter.

Is there a lot of greenery outside? Or maybe you have too many things on the balcony that stand in the way of proper illumination? Sometimes, awning can also be a problem, especially if it’s not positioned correctly or at the right angle

In these instances, your home’s interior wouldn’t have to be changed in order to get results. You’ll have to do something about the exterior obstructions. A simple tree trim will often give you a night and day difference (literally!).  The same applies to climbing plants – they look pretty but they do need a lot of maintenance in order to maintain the building’s functional appeal.

Try Sun/Solar Tubes

Sun tubes or solar tubes as they’re sometimes called work as a simpler, easier to install and less expensive alternative to skylights.

A sun tube is a device that “carries” natural light from one part of the flat to another.

Solar tubes work best for flats that are located immediately underneath the roof of the building. Otherwise, they can be a bit more challenging to install.

These devices are very flexible – they can work around obstructions or be positioned at an angle. Assembly is also fairly easy because everything required is going to be provided in the kit.

Give Sunlight a Boost with Artificial Light

Sometimes, good effects will be very difficult to achieve in spite of your best efforts.

In those situations, you’ll need to get creative with all of the tools at your disposal. If you can’t increase the amount of sunlight entering your home, give it a boost with the right kind of artificial light.

The easiest thing to do is concentrate artificial light (in the form of task lights, for example) in the areas and corners that natural light doesn’t reach. A standing lamp in one of those spots will be a great addition that wouldn’t impact the overall environment. At the same time, it will eliminate the sunlight problem in that specific zone.

In order to retain full control over your light experience, install dimmer switches. These will give you the freedom to gradually increase artificial light intensity as day turns into night.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a home upgrade, do strategise and research alternatives first. In most cases, you’ll come up with clever solutions that are inexpensive and that have a high transformative potential.

Are you struggling to find the approach that’s going to change your home for the better? Contact Home Guide now. We will work to match your preferences to the specifics of the available space. By tailoring our approach to these two essential criteria, we deliver results that surpass expectations every single time.

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