How to Get Your Home’s Interior to Reflect Your Personality

How to Get Your Home’s Interior to Reflect Your Personality

You are unique and the same applies to your home. The best kind of interior design uniqueness is the one that reflects your personality. A home décor that’s based on your character feels comfortable, exciting and cosy.

But how do you take the impersonal products and materials available on the market today, using them to create something distinctive and uniquely yours?

Good personalisation isn’t bold or loud. In fact, it often hides in the little details that make it clear exactly whose home it is.

Pro Tip for Beginners: Start with Art

Using materials and textures to bring your vision to reality is a bit trickier than employing some more straightforward approaches to home interior design.

So, if you don’t know where to get started, explore the power of art in home interior design.

A massive and visually impactful piece of art instantaneously becomes a focal point in a room. You don’t need any other home décor to play an explanatory or supportive role. Art stands on its own and it sets the mood of the space.

Also, art is tremendously varied. Each person has their unique understanding and certain things they like. When looking for art, trust your gut instinct. You don’t need detailed understanding of art history to acquire the right pieces and make them work.

With art, you can add splashes of colour, stylishness with black and white sketches, modernity, traditionalism, industrial vibes and so much more. If you don’t know how to choose the right pieces of art for your home, take a look at the following guide.

Pay Attention to the Little Details

Larger items like furniture pieces and appliances should be picked for comfort and convenience. Obviously, there are variations you can explore in order to create a cohesive interior design concept. But these aren’t the pieces to research intricately if you are trying to inject personality in your décor.

Rather, work on the little details and the fine elements that are a nod and a wink to who you are.

Flowerpots, vases, figurines, your favourite books, tapestries, carpets, pillows and sofa covers all have transformative powers. And these are just a few of the elements you can choose to give each room a bit of quirkiness and individuality.

Decide on a couple of accents and make sure they are the ones that stand out. If you are drawn to many different pieces, you risk creating visual clutter that isn’t going to deliver a message but rather make your home chaotic.

Display Personal Items and Mementos Proudly

Here is another very simple way to achieve personalisation without needing an interior design degree.

There are certain items and mementos that speak of who you are and what your life journey has been like so far. These are the items you need to display proudly. Not only will you be enjoying fond memories this way, you’ll also get to share these wonderful historical glimpses with visitors.

Pictures come to mind when thinking about personal mementos. An entire gallery wall can be dedicated to your family photographs. Get creative and choose fun frames for your most beloved pictures. Alternatively, keep them simple and just put them behind a protective glass cover. Both of these approaches can result in a lovely trip down memory lane.

Souvenirs you have collected from your trips, items linked to your hobby (pottery, mosaics, beaded wall art, knives with hand-carved handles are just a few examples of such pieces), art created by your kids or a personal collection (stamps, coins, comic books) are all great examples of keepsakes deserving of special placement in your home.

Change the Standard Script

If you believe that your home is going to feel right this way, dare to change the standard script.

Some of the best creations result from breaking the rules. Interior design isn’t an exception from that rule. You will enjoy the outcome, however, if breaking the rules is intentional and meaningful. Doing something different for the sake of being different can typically result in a shallow home décor that feels odd rather than satisfying.

Do you often eat outdoors? If so, you can get rid of the large dining table. Turn the dining room into a place for socialisation and hosting parties. Tall barstools and an island that can be used to make delicious beverages while socialising will be much more useful than a hefty dining table that requires so much space.

That’s just one example of breaking interior design rules but the options are limitless. This approach can be applied to each room, especially if you have a certain vision for the space and you know that your choice will add both functionality and visual excitement.

Don’t Be Afraid of Sharing Your Vision

Are you concerned that working with an interior design company in Singapore to create the concept for you is going to deprive the interior design from personality?

Don’t be afraid of communicating who you are and what your vision is during the very first meeting.

Contact Home Guide now and let us know exactly what you need. Feel free to be as specific and unique as possible. The more you share with the team, the easier we’ll find it to achieve personalisation and create an interior design that tells your story.

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