How to have a risk free Christmas in the workplace

How to have a risk free Christmas in the workplace

It’s December, and everyone is embracing the Christmas spirit, not least of all the corporate world. Offices are decorated and end-of-year functions are thrown, all in the name of this festive celebration. Unfortunately, there are certain risks that are involved, given the nature of the decorations and their installation, which could lead to avoidable accidents. At Home Guide we believe in creating beautiful office Interior spaces, however safety should never be neglected and this list will help ensure you cover all bases in that regard.

Potential risks and how to avoid them

Traditionally, festive decorations include Christmas trees, strings of lights and a range of decorations draped, wrapped and suspended all around the office. However, when planning your office Christmas decor you need to consider these potential safety issues:


  • When setting up any of the below decorations, be sure to maintain a neat work area.
  • Don’t obstruct walkways or exits with boxes or tools
  • Use the appropriate equipment, such as ladders and gloves, to protect against injury
  • Make sure all Christmas decor comes from a reputable supplier and passes safety standards, and discard any old, broken or frayed items.
  • Be sure not to block any security devices, such as motion sensors or security doors.

Christmas Tree

  • A Christmas tree is often a nice touch for a centrepiece, however, if opting for a traditional fir/spruce style tree, a synthetic choice is best as live trees can dry out and create a fire hazard.
  • If you want a living tree, embrace local Singapore style and choose a tropical option which will not dry out as easily as the traditional options and thus poses less risk if well watered.
  • Make sure you don’t place the tree anywhere that will create a tripping hazard, or that blocks normal or emergency exits.

Christmas Lights

Christmas office interiors wouldn’t be complete without strings of lights to add that twinkling magic. However they can be one of the greatest potential hazards.

  • Do a complete check and service all strings of lights before you hang them. Replace any blown bulbs and discard any cables that have become worn or broken.
  • Do not use nails or tacks to secure cables as this is an electric shock hazard.
  • Ensure all cables are neatly secured and avoid running them along walkways which could cause a tripping hazard.
  • Use LEDs as they remain cool while switched on and use far less energy than incandescents. Be sure to turn them off at the end of the workday.
  • Make sure there are no fast flashing lights in the workplace, which could be an issue for epileptic workers or visitors.
  • Make sure lights are plugged into their own socket to avoid overloading and use a circuit breaker adaptor to avoid shocks.
  • Avoid lit candles in general. Apart from the fire hazard, certain scented candles release chemical fumes that are also a health risk.

Christmas Wreaths, Baubles and Garlands.

  • If you are suspending any decor, especially if from a great height, ensure all items are well secured with ties that are specifically created to carry a weight.
  • Make sure any wreaths or garlands are tied down in some way and not just draped, to avoid them becoming a tripping hazard; this will also keep decor neat throughout the period.
  • If you are spraying fake snow/frost, be sure to open windows to create a well-ventilated space.

Be safe to enjoy the season

The above list acts as a precaution against disaster and if followed, you can enjoy the Christmas season in your office without concern. It is proven that decorating the workplace improves morale as it shows that you want to include your employees in festive traditions. If you follow these guidelines you are also showing them that their safety is your priority which will do even more to ensure increased Christmas cheer. As a HDB licensed interior design company in Singapore, safety has always been our top priority, contact us if you need office interior design or renovations to bring in the new year!

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