How to Infuse Personality in Your Home Interior Design

How to Infuse Personality in Your Home Interior Design

When it comes to home interior design in Singapore,  aesthetics, style and current trends are factors where we usually focus on in the early stage of planning. One important factor that usually gets forgotten – personality. Your home will look like a beautiful shot from an interior design magazine but without personality, it will lack soul.

Infusing personality in a home interior design project while still following the rules of good design isn’t easy. You’ll have to strike a really fine balance between doing what’s reflective of you and choosing the solutions that enhance the parameters of the living space.

Working with a Singapore home interior design company is the best way to get functional and beautiful results that still exudes your personality, your soul, your essence.  Some of the approaches professionals use to infuse personality in their work include the following.

Make Heirlooms and Collectibles Central

Do you possess family heirlooms like solid, authentic pieces of furniture, tapestries or handcrafted accessories? Are you a collector or do you have beautiful family pictures that you’d like to display proudly throughout the flat?

Such items are unique due to the fact they’re linked to your heritage, interests and life.

One of the easiest ways to personalise home décor involves turning such pieces into the focus that all other interior design choices revolve around.

For example, you can create an entire gallery wall that displays your favourite pictures. Choose a frame design and style that ties nicely into the interior design trend that you’re going to be exploring throughout the flat. Alternatively, you can choose a colour that matches the rest of the palette. This way, you will be putting emphasis on what matters to you the most and you’ll be using the rest of the décor as supportive pieces.

Be Your Own Art Curator

Your personal style will shine through in the most powerful way if you choose the art for your home.

This may seem like a daunting task for many people, which is why they’ll leave art selection to the interior design pros. After all, knowing what paintings are of actual great quality isn’t that easy.

Art doesn’t have to be threatening. Looking at and exploring its merits is a purely subjective process. When you look at a few pictures, you instantly know which ones you’re drawn to and which ones don’t tug on your heartstrings.

Stop thinking about art quality or depth. Just concentrate on what you like, what makes you feel good. Such art is most probably a good reflection of your inner world.

Giving your interior designer a few art pieces to work with is going to make their task so much easier. An experienced professional in the realm of home décor will immediately know what you’re drawn to, which will facilitate the selection of the other design elements.

Let Personal Interests Be Part of The Home

A reflection of your personality doesn’t have to be visual – it can be functional.

This means creating functional zones and areas dedicated to some of your most favourite activities.

Do you enjoy a good novel every once in a while? A reading corner or a room will give you many lovely hours of relaxation if that’s the case. Or maybe you like working out? If so, think about setting up a home gym. You can also have a spot for doing yoga and meditations or the ideal kitchen for lots of delicious baking.

Having such a zone will instantly make the home décor personal and suited to your needs. Very often, it’s not about the decorations. Rather, interior design is about the lifestyle that you’d like to pursue every day.

Play with Textiles

Fabrics and textiles rank among the most powerful tools in your interior design personalisation arsenal.

That’s because you have the choice of colour, texture and pattern. All of these give lots of spirit to even the smallest of accents. Textiles give you the choice of being bold and daring or picking visuals that are inconspicuous yet stylish.

If you are a fan of comfort and spending cosy time at home, choose shaggy and textured fabrics like velvet, for example. These are so fun to touch and they’ll instantly make you feel relaxed.

Lovers of nature can select florals and materials like cotton and linen. A few rope accents can also work really well to break up monotony and inject spirit into the whole execution.

Have Custom Pieces Made for You

Our final tip is to always curate the items that come into your home. Very often, less is more – a few beautiful and well-made pieces can make a much bigger statement than a wide selection of mediocre knick-knacks.

High quality, antique furniture can really stand out. The same applies to custom-made pieces.

Customised furniture gives you value as it matches your home in an optimal way. You also have control over the quality of materials, size and furniture style.

If you have an empty space underneath a staircase, for example, you can order a custom-made shoe cabinet that has a triangular shape and that matches the space. You can also repurpose old furniture pieces or items of personal importance to you. Your child’s crib can easily be transformed into a bookcase. You’ll be keeping an item that you have an emotional connection to and you’ll be getting a unique item for your home.

As you can see, injecting personality in home décor can be subtle. When the right choice is made, you’ll be delivering a really powerful message. If you’d like some guidance or even comprehensive assistance, contact Home Guide. We can work on the project from A to Z, delivering the very specific concept that you have envisioned.

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