How to make Christmas a Retail Wonderland

How to make Christmas a Retail Wonderland

Christianity is the second most popular religion in Singapore, but for retail, Christmas has become one of the most important times for sales. In the U.S. 20-40% of all retail sales take place in the last two months of the year. Also, while online sales have climbed in popularity, and your email, social media and online shop need to be on point, 90% of retail sales still take place in brick and mortar locations, so your physical shop needs to lead your festive season campaign. Decorating your store for Christmas can be a great way to entice customers inside and to signify to customers that you have made special allowances for the festive season. Another benefit is that whatever special offers you may have, all customers can benefit, and not just those that celebrate Christmas.

Wear Your Christmas Decor on your Sleeve

That is to say, make it clear to customers that you are embracing the Christmas spirit from the moment they walk past your store. Your shop windows are the first and most important area to decorate, as they give a glimpse of what can be expected inside. Creating a theme for your window display, especially if you have more than one window, will also distinguish your shop from your neighbours.

In as much as your interior design should reinforce your brand, your seasonal decor choices need to communicate that same feel. Time, thought and yes, even cost need to be put into your display to ensure it comes off as polished and considered. That said, some of the simplest displays are often most effective, so you don’t have to break the bank with your Christmas display, as long as it communicates your brand and intended message.

Though it is not completely necessary to include your merchandise in the display, it makes sense to include it when possible, to include it in the fantasy of the period. Sometimes seeing merchandise displayed in an unexpected context helps customers to think of new ways that they themselves could use your product, and thus encourages them to buy.

How to make Christmas a Retail Wonderland store window

Choose a Palette to Suit Your Customers, or Surprise Them

How to make Christmas a Retail Wonderland store decor

While there are plenty of traditional options for your decor, you don’t necessarily have to toe the line completely when it comes to choosing your Christmas window and in-store display looks. Elements such as Christmas trees, red ribbons and berries, baubles, tinsel wreaths and of course snow, all combine to create that cosy festive feel that is associated with this holiday, traditionally. A whole range of scenarios can be created using these elements as decor to help set the tone, whether it’s traditional or quirky.

A homeware store could lay a traditional festive table with crockery on display, or it could go for a more creative version, where teacups are baubles on a tree and saucers are snowflakes suspended in mid-air, from the ceiling.

How to make Christmas a Retail Wonderland store merchandise

Embrace the Local Spirit

In Singapore, there is more room for creativity when it comes to a shop’s interior decor, given that it is mid-summer in December. While customers may embrace the traditional look, a reference to the local culture or climate can also create the appeal of recognition and even subconscious patriotism.

An alternative Christmas display could be created using traditional motifs in unexpected colours, for instance, tropical coloured baubles and tinsel will communicate Christmas just as well as more traditional colours, while at the same time referencing the local climate. Alternatively, replace local elements in a traditional context; a tropical plant could be used instead of a fir or spruce for the Christmas tree. Another option, depending on your product, could be to pile, hang or suspend your stock in the shape of a tree, here, bulk is key to create the distinctive shape.

How Will You Get Creative This Christmas?

Whatever you choose to do, get creative, customers like to be pleasantly surprised and entertained. If you can make the display move with hidden mechanisms or even be interactive you’ll be sure to spark curiosity. If a client stops to look at your display, they are more likely to step inside. Some stores even have special promotions closer to the holidays, like a free chocolate or glass of bubbles to entice customers in and add the personal touch. For retail interior decor in Singapore, there is almost more room for creativity and choosing an unexpected motif, given the weather. So, have fun this Christmas season, stretch your imagination and create your own unique Christmas wonderland.

At Home Guide we always design with your customer in mind, creating a personal but professional retail space. During seasonal periods, you as the retailer have the opportunity to express your decor flair; what will your personal touch be?

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