How to Use Neon Colours in Your Home Interior

How to Use Neon Colours in Your Home Interior

Love them or hate them, neon colours make a definite statement. They leave nobody indifferent, which is an amazing characteristic in an interior design element.

Many home owners are afraid of employing these bold, personality-filled vibrant shades of colours, afraid that they will make the home look tacky and make it hard to match with other home interior design elements like furniture. We are here to take away that fear because we believe that that with strategic use, your living space will be lifted with just a touch neon.

Neon colours can work really well in many interior design styles, as long as they’re used correctly. The key to employing neons is strategic moderation. If you’re strategic and you have a good concept to start with, chances are that the execution will give you a fresh and memorable home interior design everyone will be speaking about.

Start Small

We are not going to suggest going big with neon like painting an entire room neon. In fact, most home owners will be terrified by such and idea especially when it comes to BTO renovations where space is a premium.

Instead, neon will work best when they’re introduced through small accents.

A throw pillow with neon elements (stripes, geometric shapes?) on it is a good starting point. The same applies to a graphic poster or a piece of popping art that will modernise the interior and give it just a touch of eccentricity. Most people can stomach abstract artwork and fall in love with it. This is why paintings and pictures are always an excellent choice when it comes to picking bold tones.

Rugs, vases and flower pots are also a good choice for neon accents. Place those against a neutral background to make them stand out and prevent the clashing of notable elements.

Combine with Softer Variations

Are you worried that a neon interior is going to be too overwhelming?

One clever way to subdue the power of neon is to place such items alongside pieces that feature other versions of the same colour.

Neon pink can work well with pastel and matte pinks and purples. When several shades of the same tone are used alongside each other, they create visual harmony. The neon piece will stand out in a delicate way instead of just slapping you in the face with its intensity.

You can also work with different finishes for even more diversity. Just don’t overdo it. Two textures and a few variations of the colour will definitely create intrigue and captivate attention. If you go overboard, it can start to look pompous and cluttered.

Choose the Right Rooms for Neon Décor

Some rooms can support neon décor much better than others.

You may find this surprising but neon tones are ideal for your child’s room.

Children need strong, bright colours to be inspired. Neon stripes can also be used in functional ways, pinpointing where certain items need to be placed. The trick, once again, is to use such tones sparingly and against a neutral background when possible.

Speaking of which, neon accents are also a great choice for the kitchen. Kitchens usually rock neon tones like white, grey, navy and beige. A single neon accent in this space (in the backsplash or on one cabinet door, for example) will add so much brightness and vivaciousness to the kitchen.

It’s a good idea to avoid neons in the spaces where you plan to relax. These tones can work in the bedroom or the meditation room but they’ll be more challenging to pull out there. If you intend to use neons in such spaces, consider working with a Singapore interior design professional. Otherwise, you may end up with a bedroom that’s too busy and that look anything but relaxing.

Try Neon Lights, As Well

Neon isn’t just about the colour.

You can also play with neon lights. Charming and bright, they’re ideal for the placement of an inspirational message on the wall or the creation of functional lights.

Neon lights are far from subtle, which is why the above-mentioned principles apply once again. If you have a neon sign on the wall, consider it the focal point of that room. Keep the rest of the design subdued and neutral.

It’s also a great idea to seek out vintage neon signs. Not only do these look super cool, some of them are collectables. Their value will continue increasing with the passage of time, giving you an expensive and worthy item. Also, authentic neon signs carry a spirit that would be difficult to replicate through the use of brand new pieces.

Can You Use Neon Paint Walls?

As we’ve pointed out already, painting a room in neon tones isn’t always the best idea.

Still, such bold choices can work really well sometimes.

Neon paint is amazing for the creation of one accent wall. It will be fresh, exciting and different. If you’re looking forward to such characteristics, neon paint is the way to go.

Splatters of neon paint on a wall can also work well. This choice is very artistic and somewhat chaotic, making it a great choice for a boho execution.

These are just some of the ways to work neons into your home interior design. If you’d like to explore additional possibilities, contact Home Guide. We love working on innovative, highly personalised design concepts into our home renovation services. We will execute the concept you have in mind beyond expectations.

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