I Don’t Know What Home Interior Design Style I Like. Now What?

I Don’t Know What Home Interior Design Style I Like. Now What?

For some people, it’s very easy to pinpoint the interior design style that’s going to look best in their brand new Singaporean home. They are in love with minimalism, Scandinavian chic, the Boho style or maybe even industrial design.

In other instances, it’s not so easy to pinpoint the specifics of interior design that make the most sense. You may have some concept but that idea would be very difficult to classify or exemplify through the elements of just one style.

If you cannot decide what interior design style is the best one for your project, you’re not alone. Many people have some idea but it’s too vague or maybe even too eclectic to classify as one thing or another.

What’s the best approach in such instances? Should you try to narrow it down or should you give your interior designer complete freedom? The right approach usually falls in between these two extreme ways of getting the job done.

Use Visuals Instead of Words

Do you have some concept of what interior design you want? If that idea doesn’t belong to one distinctive interior design style, you can try using visuals to illustrate the concept.

Luckily, internet provides so many sources of information and inspiration.

Start by combing through social media like Instagram and Pinterest. You’ll discover many hashtags and image categories that fall within the realm of home improvement and transformation. Bookmark all of the ideas you like, even the ones that aren’t exactly like what you’re looking for. The more illustrations you have to show, the easier you’ll find it to communicate with your interior designer.

Colour schemes and mood boards can also be beneficial.

A mood board is a thorough visual presentation of what you like. It’s not just one illustration of the perfect living room, for example. Your home mood board could provide information about colours you like, furniture pieces, architectural elements, lighting fixture and other aspects of home improvement.

You can use online printouts, magazine cut outs and even your own drawings and diagrams to create a comprehensive mood board. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm for many ideas and details (even if some of the visualisations seem silly). By playing around with numerous concepts, you’ll give your designer a very comprehensive vision of what you have in mind.

Check Out Interior Design Portfolios

Looking at residential interior design portfolios is another great idea.

You may not know exactly what interior design style you like. You will, however, recognise projects that are reminiscent of what you want for your home.

Each interior designer has their own signature, a specific way of getting the job done.

Some professionals adopt a more minimalist and utilitarian approach. Others go ornate and rustic. What matters the most in such instances is finding a design team that can execute what you’re looking for.

Most reputable Singaporean interior design studios make examples of their work available for viewing online. Do a basic search to discover the choices and pinpoint the types of execution that you really like.

Should You Leave It All to Your Interior Designer?

The short answer to this question is no.

Most interior designers need some input from clients to start conceptualising a project.

No two people have the same lifestyle, taste and preferences. Just because a certain interior design concept has worked for a Singaporean flat similar to yours, doesn’t mean the exact same idea will give you complete satisfaction.

Chances are that even if a designer comes up with some concept from scratch on your behalf, you wouldn’t be happy with the outcome.

In other words, you may not know what you want for your home but you definitely recognize what you don’t want. Hence, such an approach will be very time-consuming and it will be much more expensive to execute than providing a few pointers.

Even if you have a very vague idea of what you like, do communicate such information with interior designers. If they’re skilled and experienced enough, they’ll know how to “extract” additional information to give you a home project you’re going to fall in love with. Starting with a few basic guidelines and a couple of pictures is often enough to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Not Knowing What You Want Is OK if You Have the Right Partner

Reputable Singaporean interior designers like the Home Guide team often work with homeowners who are unsure of what they want.

And that’s ok! It’s the job of an interior designer to guide you and help you focus. Together, especially through adequate and thorough communication, you can come up with the characteristics of your dream living space.

Let the Home Guide designers take you on a wonderful journey of discovery. We will unwrap everything that you like and the ideas that are bound to work well with the characteristics of your new flat. Don’t worry if you have too many visions right now. These can be fine-tuned and narrowed down.

Contact Home Guide now to schedule your no-obligations first consultation. Bring visuals and ideas, even if you don’t believe these are 100 per cent relevant. The more you can share with the design team about your perfect home, the easier the execution of such a project is going to be.

Many Improvements to Consider

As you can see, you can explore a wide array of strategic changes. These renovation goals will depend on your current budget, the specific resource conservation goal you have in mind and the characteristics of the property itself.

A reliable, experienced partner can help you make the choices that will have the biggest impact. Obviously, this is the goal if you want to qualify for affordable financing and if you want to save significant amounts in the long run.

Home Guide has the know-how and the practical knowledge to bring such a vision to reality. We’ve helped numerous Singaporean flat owners modernise their living space and embrace the latest green living trends.

Contact us now to schedule your first consultation and commence the journey towards self-sufficient, greener living. We are a home interior design company with in-house home renovation contractor services who offer clients a wide range of home improvement packages that can make such renovations much more affordable.

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