Ideas to Help You Design the Perfect Home Gym

Ideas to Help You Design the Perfect Home Gym

Facts are facts – we’ve been spending more time at home over the past year and a half than ever before. As the world is changing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so is one’s personal space. A flat is becoming a lot more than a living space. It’s also a space for wellness, work, relaxation, studying and even exercise.

A home gym is a great addition to any apartment, especially in times like this. Unfortunately, many Singaporeans aren’t considering such projects because of worries about the associated costs.

Adding a home gym to your property doesn’t have to be costly. Also, you don’t need a humongous flat to dedicate some space to exercise. Proper planning and understanding your unique workout needs will give you some idea about what could be accomplished.

Find the Right Space

Let’s start with the basics first. A home gym could be somewhat noisy. It’s also a space where you may want a bit of privacy. This is why you need to dedicate enough time to the selection of the right spot for this home improvement.

A basement is usually a great choice for a home gym because of the above-quoted reasons if you live in a landed home. Even if you don’t have access to one, you can still set up a gym in the apartment itself.

Sectioning a portion of the living room and creating a functional zone there could work really well. The way you execute the project will allow for some seclusion and privacy. The same applies to the addition of a gym zone in your bedroom.

The size of the space required for a home gym will depend on the types of activities you enjoy. If you’re into dance cardio and aerobics, you’ll need a sufficiently big area. Traditional fitness equipment can fit into a smaller space, especially if you purchase a machine that allows you to do multiple exercises.

If possible, pick a room with lots of windows for your workouts. Having natural light entering the exercise area will uplift you and give you the positive mood required to enjoy exercise and have a bit of fun while sweating.

Paint, Flooring and Accessories

The best home gyms are distraction-free. They allow you to focus on the activity you’re doing. This is why many interior designers recommend staying away from rooms that feature lots of shelving, busy designs and clutter.

To add clean and easy to maintain sophistication to your home gym, choose neutral colours for the walls. White, beige, light blue and even light yellow are all good choices that will give you a crisp canvas.

Next, focus on flooring. It should be very durable and non-slippery. Sturdy and wear-resistant materials like cork and concrete are excellent choices. The good news is that they’re also sustainable, fairly affordable and almost entirely maintenance free.

Rubber is another excellent choice for home gym flooring. It’s durable and it will also give you a bit of cushioning during high impact activities.

Finally, think about functional accessories that will give you the ultimate home gym experience. If you plan to do dance routines, Zumba or aerobics, you’ll need mirrors along one of the walls. Barre bars could also be mounted for better stretching and certain types of exercises. If you’re going to be using weights, stands for the placement of your dumbbells and bars will also be required.

Home Gym Layout Ideas

Now that you have the basics covered, it’s time to think of all the cool equipment you’ll add to your home gym. Apart from selecting the right pieces, you’ll also need a layout that’s functional and that allows you to move around easily.

The best layout for your home gym will depend on the size of the space.

If you’re working with a small space, create one focus area large enough for the type of exercise you enjoy the most. In the event of having some additional space, you can create complimentary areas for additional activities.

Also, understand the fact that empty space is your friend. You don’t need to fill every corner of the home gym with equipment. Most activities require sufficient room to be done. You shouldn’t be bumping into baskets filled with fitness gear when trying to do your workout.

You can find many free of charge home gym floor plans online that will give you a good idea about possible layouts. Keep in mind, however, these should be used solely as a source of inspiration. Going with a generic layout will keep you from making the most of your available space.

Having a professional interior designer checking out your flat is the best idea. This way, you’ll get personalised interior design consultation with recommendations and a custom layout that’s been conceptualised especially for your project.

Home Guide can provide home interior design services and execute a home renovation project for your flat that features the setting up of a gym. We have the experience, knowledge and understanding of HDB regulations to give you the best outcome that your apartment permits. Contact Home Guide today to get started with an amazing flat transformation.

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