Important Things to Consider When Buying Curtains for Each Room

Important Things to Consider When Buying Curtains for Each Room

Window treatments aren’t just pretty. They do a lot more. Curtains can be used to ensure privacy, to block out the light and even keep heat out of a room. Thus, when doing curtain shopping, you have to go through both practical and aesthetic considerations.

There’s no strict set of rules for curtain buying and most of the decision depends on your preferences. Still, if you don’t know how to choose, the following pointers may come in handy.

Rules for Buying the Right Curtains

As any Singapore home interior designer will tell you, curtains can make or break a room. The colour, the fabric and even the texture have to work together for a beautiful finish of the décor concept.

Choosing the right fabric is probably the most important thing you’ll have to do.

The quality of the fabric will be determining both for the functioning of the curtains and their longevity. A fabric that’s way too heavy will not fold nicely when the curtains are open. Light fabrics will result in a somewhat flimsy appearance when the curtains are closed.

To test fabrics, you can do a couple of simple things. One of the best tests is pleating a larger piece of the fabric. Pinch the fabric together at the top and let it drape at the bottom. The fabric should not flare out when you pinch.

Colour selection is obviously a personal choice but keep in mind that darker tones will fade more due to the effect of the sun.

Most types of curtains are made of linen, cotton or synthetic fabrics like polyester. These have varying degrees of opacity and all of them can be dyed in different colours. Apart from the tone and the pattern, think about the opacity. It’s the one that will give you privacy.

If you want a complete blackout option that will remove all light from the room, velvet would be the best choice for you.

Keeping these guidelines in mind, let’s check out a couple of room-specific curtain selection tips.

Bedroom Curtain Selection

Bedroom curtains need to be the most practical ones. They should ensure both privacy and the complete blocking of light during the night or when you want to have a nap.

Lined and oversized curtains are best if you want a complete blackout effect. Sheer drapes are typically not a good choice for the bedroom, unless you need them there for purely decorative purposes. Heavy cotton and velvet are the best choices for your bedroom because of the heftiness and the richness of such fabrics.

It’s also a good idea to focus on the way that the curtains will be operated.

Hand-drawn curtains are most common and most affordable. To open or close those, however, you’ll have to go out of bed or you’ll need to crawl in bed in complete darkness. Motorised systems are readily available and these can be controlled remotely. To get such curtains for your bedroom, however, you’ll need to be prepared to spend more.

Living Room Curtains

Bedok Court Home Interior Design Singapore Living Room Sofa

The perfect living room curtains can be a bit more lightweight and decorative than those used in the bedroom but you still need proper function.

Medium fabric thickness is a good choice for the living room. It will ensure privacy while still letting natural light filter through the drapes. If you plan to enjoy a home cinema experience in the living room, you’ll obviously need thicker or even blackout curtains.

The type of curtain and the style are up to you. There are many possibilities to choose among – euro pleat drapes, grommet drapes, inverted pleat, pinch pleat, etc. Do a bit of research and check out visual boards like Pinterest to gain a better idea about the nature of each style.

Finally, choosing a colour is entirely up to you. It can complement the main colour scheme in the living room or you can select a contrasting tone for a bit of visual playfulness.

Kid’s Room Curtains

home interior design ocean park kids bedroom

This is where you can get really playful and whimsical with curtain selection.

Apart from the other considerations mentioned above, you have one very important aspect of curtain selection that you’ll have to account for in a kid’s room – safety.

Young kids can pull on the curtains or the cord used for opening and closing. If this happens often, the top rod may come undone. Hence, you should choose a really sturdy rod and an installation system that will keep the drapes in place.

Curtains for a child’s room should also be free from embellishments and decorative elements that could come undone – lace trimmings, beads, crystals, etc. these pose a choking hazard and are not suitable for the room of a very young person.

Other than that, you’ll simply have to select the colour and design you like the most. There are so many beautiful, fairy-tale inspired and creative choices that you’ll probably find it difficult to come up with just one choice.

Right now, you can start to conceptualise your home décor to execute after the end of the circuit breaker period. Alternatively, you can benefit from online shopping opportunities – many home décor spots have large collections of curtains that can be delivered right to your home.

If you are doing online shopping for curtains, make sure that you’ve properly measured the window or the current curtain set you’re using. Right sizing is very, very important and if you make a mistake you’ll have to pay for the additional alteration of the curtains you’ve chosen.

Do you need some additional inspiration to identify the right drapes for your home? Please check out our residential portfolio for a few beautiful concepts we’ve executed on behalf of our clients. Alternatively, reach out on WhatsApp and we’ll answer your questions as soon as possible.

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