Important Things You Need to Do After a Home Renovation Is Completed

Important Things You Need to Do After a Home Renovation Is Completed

Focused and committed to the changes, you gave it all while the home renovation was ongoing. Now that the remodelling is completed, what do you need to do? You may feel as if in a vacuum, lacking the commitment or direction to finalise a few essentials in order to label the project done.

Still, there are several things you’ll need to engage in after a renovation. Handling these last few bits will give you peace of mind and the opportunity to relax, fully enjoying the fruit of your labour.

Do a Comprehensive Walk-Through One Last Time

Most reputable contractors will have you paying the last instalment after the renovation is completed.

Don’t rush to make that payment and call it a day. Instead, have a last walk-through to observe both the big picture and the details.

It’s a good idea to give yourself a day or two after the renovation is completed. Distancing yourself from the job that has been done will give you a fresh perspective and a chance to spot issues you previously didn’t pinpoint.

Go through the project specs and the agreement before doing the walk-through. Make sure the contractors have completed every single process listed on paper. If you feel unhappy or dubious about a certain aspect of the renovation, bring it up before paying. It’s better to postpone the finalisation of the project a little bit than to accept the finished product and have regrets for years to come.

Think about Deep Cleaning

While contractors will usually handle construction left-overs and dispose of them, you’ll still need to carry out a thorough, deep cleaning.

Depending on the type of renovation you’ve had completed, chances are there’s a lot of fine dust and debris everywhere. Vacuum cleaning and dusting once isn’t going to cut it.

You will need to plan for some comprehensive and in-depth cleaning immediately after the remodelling. For best results, do hire professionals. These people have the knowledge and the equipment needed to get rid of fine, stubborn and pesky construction waste.

If you do choose the DIY route, be prepared for lots of work. You’ll need to go over the flat a number of times in order to get it spotlessly clean. For most people, that’s not an option or they’ll simply end up being dissatisfied with the results.

No matter what option you choose, make sure that the space is spotless before bringing furniture and accessories in. Once these get in place, cleaning will become a mission impossible.

Air New Spaces

Even if contractors use sustainable, safe materials, there will still be that construction smell in the air. It will linger on for a fairly long time and you’ll definitely need to do something about it immediately.

Good ventilation and airing rooms on a daily basis will both help you improve the situation quickly.

It’s best to get an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Not only will it guarantee good air quality in the years to come, it will also trap dust and particles left over from the construction. Get the air purifier working non-stop for a couple of days before moving in the space.

Open windows are also your best friends in this situation.

Keep in mind that airing the space isn’t going to work before you complete the clean-up. If there are traces of construction materials and chemicals left behind, you’ll be dealing with the symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem itself.

Come Up with a Maintenance Timeframe

This is another practical thing you may want to do with your contractors before ending the project. In fact, you can use the final walkthrough to address this aspect of keeping your space in a pristine condition.

There are some tasks you need to complete regularly as a homeowner. For example, natural stone has to be re-sealed periodically, you’ll need to do re-caulking in a few years and wooden floors have to be re-finished every seven to 10 years.

Ask your renovation team about these processes – the time’s perfect to use their know-how and plan for some future upgrades. Knowing how often to engage in these maintenance jobs will help maintain the quality of expensive materials and finishes.

Get Insurance if You Don’t Have It Already

Here’s one final thing that will help you enjoy your brand new home without a single worry.

Consider some insurance in order to protect your property and get coverage for eventual damage.

Most of the time, a home renovation is an expensive endeavour. Of course, there are excellent promo offers but we’re talking about typical expenses. You’re investing in your flat and your iving space. Protecting that investment is very important if you don’t want to spend a lot of additional money on future repairs caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Home insurance is a must-have even if you’re not worried about eventual accidents and problems. It’s best to be prepared for a worst-case scenario than to be caught off-guard. Good and affordable insurance options do exist so you really don’t have a reason for skipping the step.

So, are you ready to plan and finalise the best home renovation of a lifetime? If so, contact Home Guide. We’ll be there during every step of the way, to guide you, give you professional know-how and execute every part of the renovation in a way that delivers exceptional results.

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