Intentionally Unfinished Design – A Great Way to Add Uniqueness to Your Space

Intentionally Unfinished Design – A Great Way to Add Uniqueness to Your Space

Many people find it nearly impossible to discover the aesthetics in unfinished interior design compositions. When done purposefully and intentionally, however, such incomplete executions can result in something really exciting and even visually stunning.

Unfinished interior design is earning more and more fans because it delivers unorthodox and unique results.

If you’re seeking distinctive elements for your space, this may be the one approach worth pursuing. In order to make incomplete interiors work, however, you’ll need a good understanding of composition and how to break the main design principles.

Preserve and Frame Unique Features

A thorough home renovation will give you that fresh and modern look many families want in their home. How about a space that carries unique design or architectural elements you’d like to preserve?

In such instances, the unfinished look will provide wonderful opportunities to showcase those authentic elements within the framework of modern interior design.

Exposed beams, bricks and metal fixtures can all look super cool when left visible. You’ll be getting a kind of industrial execution that can be very difficult to bring to a residential space without feeling overpowering. Purposefully unfinished design will do wonders to balance out the various elements coming together.

Uncovered Concrete Adds a Sense of Ruggedness to a Polished Space

Uncovered, rough concrete can also be used to achieve some visual contrast through textural juxtapositions.

Just imagine the appearance of exposed concrete pillars against the pristine beauty of smooth walls covered in a soft pastel coloured paint. There is something very raw and rugged about the unfinished element, something that will make even the simplest of interior designs come to life.

Designers have experimented with this approach in residential spaces and the results are quite stunning. You can easily find photos of such projects on Instagram and Pinterest. Anyone who enjoys stripped-back aesthetics and elements that look a bit puzzling at first can make such design choices work really well.

Stripping Walls from a Finish to Make a Creative Statement

How do you imagine walls in the typical Singaporean flat? They’re almost always covered. Paint and wallpaper are both common choices but chances are that you’ve never seen an exposed wall in a modern house.

Because such solutions are pretty much considered the norm, stripping walls from any kind of finish can have a really striking effect.

There have even been internationally-acclaimed interior design projects that involved the removal of wallpaper and leaving walls as they are in the aftermath. Peeling plaster and even small strips of the old wallpaper have been left in place to make the appearance of the wall distinctive.

With this kind of unfinished execution, you’ll quickly and easily be creating textural or structural contrast. The bare wall will also be the perfect canvas for the placement of art. If you go for modern paintings, rather than abstract and modernist artwork, you will be elevating the artistry of the interior design almost instantaneously. Such a choice will also make the pieces you’ve picked even more impressive. Sometimes, the quality of the display is everything!

The Natural Beauty of Materials

Some materials are so beautiful and awe-inspiring that they don’t really need a lot of treatment in order to shine.

Simplicity, especially when you’re working with high quality elements, can speak a lot louder than fancy and complex executions.

That’s why the world of interior design is seeing a return to untreated natural materials.

Wood that isn’t varnished and smoothed out looks completely different than its treated counterparts. The same applies to natural stone. While many kinds of natural stone are porous (which makes the use of sealant a must for spaces like the kitchen and bathroom), they can still be used without additional treatment in the creation of accessories or decorative pieces.

A little bit of imperfection is simply going to add to the character of a certain material or the item that’s made of it. This is an easy opportunity to stray away from mass-manufactured aesthetics and give your space distinctive vibes.

If you’re looking for ways to make your home distinctive while infusing character in the renovation, try intentionally unfinished design. Contact Home Guide to get professional home interior design and execution. Find out why Home Guide is your perfect partner.

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