Home Interior Design Elements to Spend More on (and Some That Can Be Really Budget-Friendly)

Home Interior Design Elements to Spend More on (and Some That Can Be Really Budget-Friendly)

How much money should you spend on your Singapore home interior design? Should you splurge on luxuries or should you stick to more budget-friendly options? As always, the answer depends on several things.

There are aspects of home renovation you should consider spending more money on. Premium materials and craftsmanship will ensure years of use and effortless maintenance. Other aspects of the renovation will give you a beautiful and durable outcome even if you decide to go for a budget-friendly option.

Your Singapore interior design company can offer guidance on elements that you should consider spending more money on and the ones that will benefit from the budget-friendly treatment. Here’s a quick overview to help you get started with the renovation.

Splurge on High Quality Furniture

Cheap furniture is always easy to spot and not only that – it will potentially come apart in only a few years of use.

When you buy high quality furniture   and you take good care of it, your investment will potentially last a lifetime. In Britain, for example, a 400-year-old bed that has belonged to 15 generations within an aristocratic family is still in use.

If you cannot get all of the essential furniture pieces upfront, start with the essentials like a bed and a table. Gradually, you will continue adding on to your beautiful collection until you make your home’s interior complete.

Splurge on Original Art

Are you looking for another investment that will add value to your interior design project and ensure its timeless appeal? Consider getting some original art pieces because their value will continue going up in the years to come.

Original art isn’t just valuable, it can provide the blandest room with a bit of personality. Whether you’ll go for abstract art, black and white photography, impressionism or surrealism is entirely up to you. What matters is choosing original pieces that carry the artist’s unique style and vision.

Spend wisely on one or two well-made artistic pieces rather than a conglomeration of cheap arts. Quality impresses without the need for quantity.

Save on Textiles

Every interior designer can tell you that you can save money on textiles without accepting a renovation quality compromise.

Going for affordable textiles is a good idea for several reasons.

For a start, fashions and trends in terms of colours and patterns tend to change quite often. In addition, changing throw rugs, pillows and curtains is one of the easiest opportunities for completely transforming the interior without having to opt for a thorough renovation.

Choose some pieces in a colour scheme of preference but keep the expenses limited. While textile decorations are ideal in terms of layering and brightening up the atmosphere, this isn’t a long-lived investment you should be spending a ton of money on.

Splurge on Kitchen Appliances

Spending more money on kitchen appliances is especially important for people who make the bulk of their meals at home.

There are several reasons why costlier kitchen appliances should be preferred over their cheap counterparts.

For a start, their appearance and functionality are both far superior. In addition, high quality appliances tend to come with longer warrantee periods. If something goes wrong with the item in the first few years of use, you’ll get a free replacement or a repair.

More expensive kitchen appliances also tend to be highly energy-efficient.

In the long-run, appliances can save you money in terms of a reduction in your utility bill. If you put things in perspective and consider long-term home-related expenses, spending more on appliances right now will make financial sense.

Save on Hardware Finishes

Expensive stores feature knobs, handles and other types of hardware finishes at exuberantly high prices.

You don’t need such expensive (and highly overpriced) items to make your home look stylish.

There are places that save hardware pieces in bulk. Flea markets and antique stores may also carry some beautiful, older items that will boost the sophistication level and the uniqueness of your remodelling project.

Splurge on Lights

Standard fixtures are a good choice but if you want to make your home interior feel super atas, you should consider spending more money on lights.

Designer light fixtures add elegance to the interior design concept and they could also contribute to a higher property value. The quality of the fixture will affect the quality of the light. You don’t want your home to appear dim, dull or off-colour just because the fixture you choose isn’t of the highest quality.

Save on a Headboard

A bedroom headboard can be pretty expensive, especially if it’s made of solid wood.

Luckily, a DIY headboard will look as good, adding a dramatic touch to your boudoir.

Inexpensive furniture shops often carry inexpensive desktops that are large and that can be painted in any colour you like. When propped against the wall and behind the bed, these inexpensive but solid pieces will give you the sophisticated headboard that makes a statement without breaking the bank.

As you can see, spending more on functional pieces is the general approach.

Decorative items (apart from art) can be changed frequently, which is why you don’t have to spend a fortune on those.

If you’re still curious about interior design project budget allocation, get in touch with professionals to discuss the specifics.

At Home Guide, we believe that every project can be personalised to meet client needs, preferences and their price point of preference.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today, shoot a question or provide a quick overview of the project you want to execute. We’d be more than happy to provide information or take the original idea to the next level.

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