Interior Design for Better Mental Health: Why Décor Matters So Much

Interior Design for Better Mental Health: Why Décor Matters So Much

You spend every single day of your life surrounded by décor, whether in personal or professional settings. The interiors of your home and office have the power to affect your mood, uplift you or make you feel somewhat dispirited.

There’s a very strong link between interior design choices and mental health. As humans, we are sense-reliant creatures. Colours, textures and patterns, as well as the availability of space can impact our view of the world and even our self-perception. Here’s how.

The Psychology of Interior Design

There’s more than one study focusing on the very intricate connection between interior design and mental health.

It’s a well-known fact that interior design can impact the state of mind of hospital patients. Colour, the availability of natural light, textures and patterns all work together to uplift and get individuals in a better mind state (an obvious essential for the completion of a successful treatment).

Even the way in which a room is organised can affect people and their mental state.

A link has long been established between excessive clutter and anxiety or even depression. Keeping spaces well-organised and airy results in a much better mental predisposition. Proper organisation and aesthetics within a room result in sensations of peacefulness and mindfulness. This is especially important in a time period characterised by lots of stress, intense workloads and many chores that every single individual has to handle on a daily basis.

Better Mental Health Through Interior Design: How?

Needless to say, every single individual has their specific preferences and likes. Some people feel more relaxed in bright and colourful rooms that feature lots of art. Others prefer subdued tones and natural materials.

Regardless of individual preferences, a few interior design rules can be followed to harness the power of design and décor for mental health improvements.

Based on the studies quoted above, the first important consideration is space.

Take a look at your home or office right now. Is it cluttered? Do you have lots of knickknacks just cluttering shelves and collecting dust? Better organisation and the removal of clutter are possible, even if you’re occupying a tiny space. There are smart storage solutions that can be employed to open up rooms and discover space within the apartment that was previously unavailable.

Next, you’ll need to re-examine the colour scheme.

Something as simple as introducing splashes of your favourite colour in the interior design can make you feel happier each time you come inside the space.

If you’d like to do something a bit more scientific and extensive, focus on the psychology of colour. This is the basis of colour therapy – a methodology believing in the power of colour to affect different parts of the body (including the mind) in very specific ways.

Putting a fresh coat of paint over the wall can immediately make the space feel warmer, more welcoming and exciting. This simple effect demonstrates just how much of an effect interior design has on the human mind.

Finally, do focus on ways to let more natural light inside your home or office.

Light therapy is a recognised therapeutic approach within psychology. Research suggests that natural light affects brain chemicals linked to mood and sleep. As a result, natural light can reduce seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms and even anxiety.

You can maximise natural light without having to open up spaces for new windows. The use of reflective surfaces like mirrors, for example, can redirect light to parts of the flat that seem dark and gloomy right now. If you don’t know what it takes to maximise light in your space, a Singapore home interior design company with enough experience will be capable of offering at least one viable solution to achieve the desired effect.

A Few Additional Tips and Ideas

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to incorporate even more interior design elements in your positive environment.

The right kinds of images and affirmations, for example, can uplift and motivate you.

Use photographs or posters that make you feel happy in every single room. You can even create your own art and hang it on the walls to remind yourself of your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Turn the living room wall into a canvas that reminds you of what matters to you in life. Have a favourite affirmation or a mantra spelled out on the wall in large letters. This message will subconsciously stimulate you to pursue whatever it is that you crave in life.

Plants are also your friends as far as mental health is concerned.

Nature is peaceful and nurturing. It creates a soothing space that you’d probably love to spend hours in. the easiest way to accomplish the goal is to introduce low-maintenance potted plants in your environment.

Don’t be afraid to seek change. If you’re unhappy with your life or work environment right now, you can modify some key elements without having to spend a ton of money on those.

Home Guide’s team is here to offer professional guidance. Whether you have an idea about how you’d like to upgrade the interior design or not, we will create a customised project that meets all of your needs.

Please check out our residential portfolio to get a better idea about our style and the types of work we love to do. Also, take a look at our promotions page – our clients can benefit from an array of packages that guarantee professionalism at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more and get started on the execution of a brighter and happier living or work space.

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