Interior Design Horror Stories – Top 5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Renovation

Interior Design Horror Stories – Top 5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Renovation

Interior design in Singapore has become one of those perpetually ubiquitous ventures that make up a successful industry. Maybe it is the allotment of HDB flats or maybe it is just a millennial dream of owning the best homes, but interior designing has become quite a phenomenon in Singapore.

It may feel like the easiest thing when you’re thinking about refurbishing your own home, but you have to understand that interior design in Singapore is actually a complicated process. There are HDB guidelines to be followed, concepts to be successfully articulated, structural aspects to be considered and the pragmatics of your vision to be implemented. This means that aside from educating yourself in the basics, it is important that you also learn about all the things that can eventually ruin your renovation project. So further, we’ll be taking a look at the top five mistakes that can essentially discredit your entire renovation.

Hurrying Along The Design Process

interior design project planning hurried

A rushed planning and subsequent organization is one of the most common horror stories regarding interior design in Singapore. The initial design process that determines the layout and aesthetic of your home is one of the most important times during your renovation. If you hurry this process along, you’ll find that you’ll miss many opportunities to bring in some essential features in your home. Just imagine locking in your final layout, and only realizing halfway through the execution that your brand new walk in could have been designed as another bedroom. So always pay special attention to the design process, or you’ll end up missing something important.

Disregarding Anthropometry

Anthropometry is the science of creating spaces that are designed according to human scale, proportion and dimension. This includes furniture and the overall size of the space as well. It is important to consider proper anthropometry before going forward with your final design or you might end up living the next interior design horror story. Just imagine fitting in a giant canopy bed inside a room that was clearly designed for a twin bed? Or an overstuffed plush leather couch inside a small two bedroom BTO? Sounds off-putting, right? That is the power of proper scale and proportion.

Underestimating Nature

home interior design hydroponics balcony

One of the top rated trends in home interior design in Singapore is the incorporation of nature these days. Yes, the HDB system means living in high rises, and that certainly makes practicing your green thumb quite difficult, but there are ways around that. You can use hydroponics – vertical green walls designed indoors or maybe even on a balcony. Or you can simply use small planter arrangements – succulents are quite the rage these days.

The point of incorporating even a small amount of nature in your interior designs is to chase away the blandness. No one wants to live in a futuristic hub with no relation to nature at all. If you do so, you’ll find yourself longing for a more refreshing and organic vibe that is usually related to the outdoors.

Subpar Lighting

interior design bad lighting

If lighting is the fourth dimension, then what happens when it is designed in a poor way? Easy; you’ll end up with spaces that have zero presence and impact. Imagine trying to relax in a living room that has unprecedented dark spots. Or trying to work at a kitchen counter that is poorly lit. Sounds disrupting, right? This is how bad lighting can lead you to live your very own interior design horror story. No matter how beautiful your actual design, subpar lighting can completely kill the overall ambience.

Overdone Colour Coordination

different interior design colours

The most basic impact of your interior design comes from a successful colour combination. If the contrast is good, your ambience will look unique and interesting. On the other hand, if you overdo the colour coordination and combination, you’ll end up with your next big interior design horror story. So always be careful about matching your colour palate – it may end up making or breaking your overall aesthetic.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot that can go wrong of you do not pay attention to some major details. Home Guide Designs is one of the oldest and most esteemed interior design companies in Singapore. We are well-versed in avoiding these mistakes and will strive to make sure that you won’t have to face these problems during your renovation.

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