Interior Design Ideas to Maximise Space in a Two-Room BTO

Interior Design Ideas to Maximise Space in a Two-Room BTO

Finding enough space in a two-room BTO can be a challenge but it’s not impossible.

Reorganising stuff and doing a quick home renovation project can help you uncover some of the space that would have otherwise been unusable.

Every Singapore interior design company works on space planning and optimisation, especially when smaller flats are concerned. Two-room BTOs are quite popular among younger Singaporeans and most of the owners face space maximisation issues.

If you’re thinking about maximising your BTO space, here are a few of the top approaches bound to give you an excellent result. Most of them have been tested by interior design professionals and the effectiveness of the change has been confirmed.

Sliding Doors Can Make So Much Space Available

A regular swinging door is the standard in Singapore HDB flats. If you, however, make the change to a sliding door, you’ll be optimizing the available space and making the apartment appear much bigger.

This is a very basic change and you may think it’s not going to make much of a difference. A standard swinging door, however, will get in the way when open. It will eat away valuable space that could be used for storage purposes or for the placement of a decorative element.

Sliding doors have a sleek and streamlined appearance. They allow for privacy without being bulky. The market offers many designs, which simplifies the process of choosing the door that will fit the overall home interior design concept.

Do You Really Need Massive Furniture?

Most furniture solutions available on the market today are designed for bigger spaces.

Just think about it – a standard dining table is really huge! Do you really need such a massive piece if you’re living on your own or with a partner?

Large furniture tends to shrink the available space in a two-room BTO. There’s a simple reason why – pieces that have been created for larger spaces will look out of proportion in a tiny flat.

Choosing smaller furniture or folding pieces will make all the difference in the world when it comes to maximizing space.

Pick a small dining table that could expand through the addition of one more element whenever you’re entertaining guests. The same applies to the sofa and the storage solutions you choose. Open shelves occupy less space than cabinets without diminishing storage capabilities.

Even if you need to have items custom-made for your small apartment, do so. The outcome will justify the expenditure and make your small BTO flat feel roomy and welcoming.

Think Vertical, Not Horizontal

Horizontal storage, art and accessories will quickly contribute to massive clutter in a small apartment. This is why you need to adopt a vertical approach towards interior design changes and renovation projects.

A vertical approach enables the utilization of wall and ceiling space.

As a result, you will fit everything that you need inside the apartment without overburdening the layout.

Tall storage systems that consist of multiple shelves stacked on top of each other are an ideal choice for two-room BTOs.

There are also adjustable space storage systems and even ceiling racks that will help you overcome the potential clutter.

Go up instead of sideways when designing and you’ll find out that a two-room BTO actually has a lot more space than you originally thought.

Go for Built-in Furniture and Appliances

Built-in furniture and recessed cabinets are your best friends when it comes to making the most of the available space.

Built-in carpentry and kitchen appliances look really sleek, modern and clean. You can actually incorporate a full-height storage unit in the design of the two-room flat without making a compromise with the available space.

Not only do such units look sleek, they also help you utilize storage areas that wouldn’t have been available otherwise. Every single nook and cranny matters when you’re working with limited space. The good news is that recessed and built-in solutions have become incredibly diversified. You can get a whole host of units – from cabinets to a built-in office corner or even a bed frame built in.

Elevate Your Bed

The bed is probably the piece of furniture that will occupy the most significant surface area in the flat.

There are ways to bring a comfortable bed in your two-room BTO flat without giving up a ton of space you could have used for another purpose.

An elevated space is an excellent idea and it’s yet another example of how you should be thinking vertical when designing.

If you make your bed high (through the use of legs reminiscent of a bunk bed), you can easily position a home office or a closet underneath. Loft beds are ideal choices for small flats and they can easily be transformed into a custom storage unit.

Anyone who feels uncomfortable with sleeping so high should consider a folding bed that hides into the wall whenever it’s not being used.

Be Careful about Décor Selection

At Home Guide, we believe that less is more (especially when it comes to small residential spaces).

When done unprofessionally, décor can easily get cluttered.

People tend to be drawn to various eclectic items and even if these are small, they will occupy some space.

Ask yourself whether you really need all of those décor and art items.

Going for a single, high quality piece, will result in a much more impactful interior than having multiple mediocre items scattered throughout the flat.

Good home interior design is about editing the initial concept to give it focus and visual strength. To accomplish the goal, you will usually have to get rid of some non-essential items.

We can help you accomplish the goal, refine and elevate the original interior design concept for your two-room BTO flat. Contact us today to learn how you can maximize space and execute a comfortable, relaxing and airy home project.

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