Interior Design Tips: Mixing Bold Patterns and Colours

Interior Design Tips: Mixing Bold Patterns and Colours

Are you feeling bold and courageous when it comes to your home interior design? Are you seeking ways to create a space for yourself that is an outstanding example of what a contemporary design style should be? If so, you probably want a design  with an eclectic appeal that brings together different patterns and colourrs in a way that Home Guide definitely can.

Mixing patterns and colours is one of the simplest, most cost-efficient ways to uplift a the interior of your home and create impact. While you don’t need heaps of resources to accomplish such a beautiful result, making sure it does not end in a chaotic mess isn’t easy and is worthwhile to get the help of a professional interior design team.

On one hand, overdoing a colour and pattern mix will make the interior design look too busy and illogical. On the other, being overly conservative wouldn’t get the impressive result pictured in your mind.

As professionals in the realm, we often carry out residential projects that rely on bold and crisp colour/pattern mixes. Based on our know-how, we have a couple of recommendations for all who want to make this design approach work well in their residential space.

Use Different Sizes and Similar Colours

Here’s one of the simplest tips that will give you a professional-looking outcome. When mixing bold patterns together, vary the size and scale.

Having different patterns that all have a similar size will make the eye wonder. Your room will lack a clear focal point and that’s a problem. Visual cues are always utilized to direct views towards the most important elements. If you don’t have such cues, your arrangement is going to end up looking too busy.

Some patterns like a herringbone pattern are very noticeable and they can overwhelm the space. That’s why their size should preferably be on the smaller side. Simpler geometric patterns can be bigger because they don’t have such a striking appearance right off the bat.

When it comes to making different patterns work, it’s also a good idea to choose similar colours.

Different patterns executed in different colours (especially if the contrast is massive) will give you a headache each time you enter the room. When pattern is the star, colour should play a supporting role.  A professionally curated colour scheme will make it much easier to work with different shapes and prints. This is probably one of the projects you should put in the capable hands of professionals in order to enjoy freedom and versatility when choosing home décor later on.

Geometric Patterns + Black and White Colour Scheme

Bold and impressive doesn’t necessarily mean ornate or colourful. In fact, one really modern and impressive execution relies on simple classics – black and white colour scheme and geometric patterns.

A monochromatic room can often look very sterile and cold. True, black and white elements are definitely stylish and sophisticated. Often, however, they lack soul and character.

Bringing geometric patterns to the picture will solve that problem.

Prints on the wall, furniture that carries geometric patterns (dots, triangles, ellipses, semi-circles, etc.) and even a carpet that features subtle geometric shapes can all work really well in a monochromatic room. Choose one anchor (for example – the furniture) and a couple of additional patterned pieces that are less obtrusive and more complementary (like a carpet that has a subtle geometric pattern).

Start from the Carpet

Many home owners who want to execute a daring interior design project fail because they don’t know where to start. Without a point to begin at, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

A simple recommendation when it comes to working with patterns and colours is start from the carpet.

Usually, rugs and carpets feature among the hardest décor elements to find good matches for.

When you begin working from the rug up, you eliminate that problem altogether. In addition, a bold and colourful patterned carpet can easily “tie” an entire home décor concept together.

Choose a rug that’s properly sizes for the respective room. It should be placed at least halfway underneath the furniture, leaving enough of the beautiful pattern and texture visible. Smaller rugs can be added as accent pieces in front of key furniture like the sofa or under the dining table, for example.

When All Else Fails – Mix Opposites

Here’s a fool-proof way to make patterns and colours work – try mixing opposites.

A large floral pattern on one item will work really well with a tiny floral pattern on another one.  Navy elements are going to look beautiful and elevated alongside cream decorations.

High contrast decorating can work really well because it creates dynamic interiors. Elegant stuff works really well with more down-to-earth practical elements. Rough and refined patterns will also make each other noticeable.

Bold interior designs do require a lot of work but the payoff is significant. This is why you should take your time, enjoy the process and have fun picking the different pieces that will work well together.

When in doubt, get in touch with the pros. Contact Home Guide if you have an exciting upgrade concept that you want to execute to perfection. We’d be honoured and excited to make the vision come alive.

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