Interior Design Trends: Go Wild With Tiles in 2022!

Interior Design Trends: Go Wild With Tiles in 2022!

Did you know that one of the more fast moving trends in home interior design involves tiles? Yes, this is an exciting and impactful interior design element that evolves quickly. Materials, patterns, textures and even sizes get modified from one year to the other. So, what should you be looking for if you’re going to be tiling a part of your flat in 2022?

Terrazzo Tiles

home interior design singapore terrazzo tiles homeguide singapore

Terrazzo was out a few years ago but now it’s making a comeback.

Terrazzo tiles are made with flecks of marble. They’re speckled, unique and really practical as far as cleaning and maintenance go.

These tiles are perfect for the kitchen. An excellent flooring choice, they can also be used to put up a beautiful and modern backsplash. Terrazzo tiles are currently available in traditional rectangles or you can choose more unusual shapes like hexagons.

Triangular Tiles

home interior design singapore triangle tiles homeguide singapore

Speaking of unorthodox shapes, you have a couple of other fun choices.

Triangular tiles will be in during 2022.

According to Singaporean interior designers, people are starting to get more adventurous with the design chosen for their bathroom or kitchen. They’re seeking unique opportunities to break the traditional mould and execute a project that’s a bit more playful.

Triangular tiles are easy to work with but they’re a nice diversion from rectangles and squares. These tiles can be small, creating a detailed pattern or much larger for a bolder look.

Three-Dimensional Surfaces

home interior design 3d wall tiles atlas concorde
3D Wall Tiles From https://www.atlasconcorde.com/

Traditional tiles are usually glossy and smooth. There’s a reason for the selection of such texture – it looks good, it’s classic and very easy to clean.

Classics, however, can get somewhat boring over time. In addition, glossy pristine tiles can feel somewhat boring.

An alternative comes in the form of three-dimensional tiles. These are very tactile. They can feature ridges, bumps or grooves and elevated swirls. Such textures can either sooth or evoke excitement, depending on the desired effect – for a spa like environment or for a room meant for creativity and fun activities.

Textured tiles can also look really fun under functional light. Rich textures are also intriguing – you’d want to look at them and touch them. Since these tiles alone will make enough of a statement, you have the allowance to keep the rest of the room simpler and more minimal in decor.

Moroccan-Inspired Tiles

hdb residential interior design clementi ave 6 moroccan tiles
Homeguide residential interior design for Clementi Ave 6 with Moroccan tiles as kitchen backsplash

If you’re looking for something more traditional and ornate instead of the modernistic choices listed above, Moroccan-inspired tiles will probably match your needs.

The style features saturated colours and rich, very intricate patterns. Usually, the tones are warm and nature-inspired. Hence, they create a welcoming and relaxing environment. You don’t have to put together an entire hammam to enjoy a relaxing ritual. The tiles, in combination with the right bathroom fixtures will create a little oasis of self-care and enjoyment.

Moroccan-style tiles can work well for just about every home and they’re perfectly fine for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. While they’re a perfect match for a rustic or a Mediterranean-inspired home, such tiles can also work well in a modern or minimalist space (adding a little bit of warmth and traditional charm).

Deep Colour Monochromatic Tiles

home interior design deep colour wall tiles

Patterns, textures and three-dimensional tiles aren’t the only ones that can stand out. Sometimes, the simplest choices are the most impressive ones.

Monochromatic tiles in saturated hues will be very popular over the course of 2022. Deep green and blue are two very in-demand colours but they’re not the only ones worth experimenting with.

An intense colour is enough of a statement on its own. Deep, saturated red or purple are making a splash in bathrooms across the world. Such bold choices are very different from traditional gentle tones or safe neutrals like white or beige.

Colours can be further enhanced through the selection of an appropriate tile finish. Glossy tiles will look fresh and clean. A matte finish is another fun idea worth exploring because it will add to the boldness of the colour.

Uneven Grout Widths

The final 2022 trend is probably the most bizarre one and chances are that many people wouldn’t be on board with it. Still, the idea can result in some interesting, very unorthodox executions that are worth exploring.

Typically, when tiling is being done, grout widths are maintained the same throughout. Designers are now experimenting with different widths to make even more of a statement.

Grout can easily turn into a feature that spices up the most boring tiles. You don’t need very ornate or patterned tiles to create something interesting if you decide to vary the grout width from one row to the next.

Such grouted patterns can be created to match the individual interior design project. There doesn’t need to be symmetry or repetition for the idea to work. Experimenting with grout this way, however, does take some skill and experience. Entrusting the project in the hands of an interior designer is a good way to enjoy a harmonious, visually-pleasing outcome.

Home Guide designers are eager to take on some of the more interesting tile trends and personalise those to match your home’s aesthetics. Contact us now to try something new, modernise your home and give it the appearance that you’ve always dreamed of with our home renovation contractor services.

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