Home Interior Design Trends in a Post-Covid-19 World

Home Interior Design Trends in a Post-Covid-19 World

Covid-19 changed so much. We’re now spending more time at home than ever before and most of us are also working from home. We’re also employing brand new digital technologies to stay in touch with others and feel connected.

The effect of the pandemic will likely be experienced for long periods of time. According to interior design professionals, this field will also be affected. So, how has the coronavirus pandemic changed home interior design as well as office interior design and decor? Will these changes be lasting ones?

Let’s check out a few of the important new interior design trends right now.

Working from Home Becoming the New Normal

Stylish and Practical Bachelor Pad Interior Design Ideas use art

if there’s a positive thing to come out of the entire Covid-19 ordeal, it’s that entire industries have discovered how feasible and practical working from home is.

As a result, more residential property owners than ever before will look for a home office to be incorporated in their flat when a Singapore interior design company is hired.

Bridging the gap between personal and professional spaces is not easy. The home environment comes with specific challenges (noise, distractions, family members walking in and out) that need to be overcome through the selection of the right design concept. Good materials like soundproofing options will also have to be employed.

Comfortable ergonomic furniture, décor that aims to boost creativity and natural light are all essentials to feature in a home office. And interior design professionals should definitely prepare to work on more such projects in the future.

Health-Conscious Interior Design

Stylish and Practical Bachelor Pad Interior Design Ideas ease of maintenance

Covid-19 has exposed many vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to the safety of both residential and commercial spaces.

Such viral outbreaks occur periodically, which is why many people are anticipated to start putting a lot of emphasis on health-conscious interior design from now on.

Proper ventilation and air circulation, surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitise, air filtration systems and the use of germ-resistant or antimicrobial materials will potentially turn in a prominent interior design trend for the future.

Smart bathroom solutions like automatic toilets and self-cleaning faucets have been in high demand for some time and chances are that they’ll become even more sought-after in the end of the pandemic.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Home Interior Design Trends in a Post Covid 19 World iot

IoT solutions can make home interior design a lot smarter and safer for vulnerable groups of people like the elderly.

The introduction of IoT in interior design allows for the automation of many home design functions. In addition, such solutions can be used to monitor the well-being of house inhabitants and alert someone of an emergency.

Internet of things can automate just about every aspect of the home experience. From temperature and light control to systems that can check a person’s vitals, thee are becoming more affordable and more essential in today’s world.

There are already buildings that incorporate temperature-sensitive cameras at the entrance that alert inhabitants of someone having a fever and trying to enter the building. Just imagine how these technologies can be expanded in the future to offer better, more integrated and much more health-conscious automatic solutions.

New Spaces for New At-Home Activities

Designing a Beautiful Cinema Room in Your Apartment Choose The Right Room

Most of the world had to spend months at home while lockdown and quarantine measures lasted. These measures forced people to rediscover their living spaces and find new opportunities for self-entertainment.

As a result, various kinds of new spaces have emerged.

Some interior design professionals predict that homes of the future will have a small pantry area where online shopping purchases can be dropped off and sanitised before they’re entered into the residential space.

But that’s not the only potentially big change.

How often will we be going to the cinema from now forward? To concerts or sports events attended by thousands of people?

The rise of the home cinema and entertainment corners is imminent, especially for more vulnerable social groups that will still need to protect themselves after the pandemic is over. New technologies make it possible to bring just about every audio-visual experience to the flat. The same applies to athletic and sports activities that can be practiced indoor without spending a fortune on equipment or supplies.

A Focus on Mental Health

2019 Inspiring Office Decor Ideas meditation room

It’s a well-known fact that many people have had a hard time during social distancing.

Lockdown measures contributed to loneliness, feelings of isolation and even depression.

Interior design can serve as a source of comfort, helping many deal with the negative consequences of living alone or having to spend prolonged periods of time without physical contact with other individuals.

Designers in Singapore will need to be more conscious of mental health when working on projects than ever before.

Lots of natural light, bright cheerful colours and greenery can all be used to make a home environment more cheerful, inspiring and optimistic. The same applies to the use of art, natural materials like wood and funky textiles.

Sound and acoustics can also have an effect on mental health and such choices should never be made by default.

You can use some of the lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic to transform your living and work spaces. Having the right interior design team to partner up with on the execution of such projects will be imperative to bring your vision to reality.

Home Guide is here to offer assistance, guide you and help you fine-tune your post-Covid-19 interior design concept. We’re eager to learn a bit more about what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or via WhatsApp to get the process started.

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