Do You Need an Interior Designer or a Contractor for Your HDB Apartment Renovation Project?

Do You Need an Interior Designer or a Contractor for Your HDB Apartment Renovation Project?

Whether you like DIY projects or you’re attempting to save some money, renovating an HDB apartment on your own may seem like a good idea. After all, you will have all the freedom, and the executive decisions about the way the project is completed will be entirely up to you.

Hiring a professional interior design company in Singapore for renovations in Singapore, however, can result in a number of benefits. There are certain guidelines and regulations you will have to adhere to when doing HDB interior design work. In addition, consider the value of your time–attempting to handle the entire project on your own will take away many hours where you could be more productive. The amount of money you’ll save doing it yourself is negligible, especially weighed against opportunity costs.

Interior Designers Have Numerous Responsibilities

One of the most important concepts we need to clarify right from the start is that home renovation and interior design professionals have a wide range of responsibilities. Most people misunderstand the tasks that interior designers face, and believe these professionals simply conceptualise the way in which an apartment is going to be renovated.

Very often, interior design companies offer comprehensive services. Professionals will acquaint themselves with the space, create a project for the HDB renovation, deal with the paperwork, focus on execution, or hire the contractors that will handle each process.

You simply leave those details and worries in the capable hands of your interior designer. The terms and the deadlines will be clarified in advance. No involvement on your behalf will be required until the entire project is finished. Less headache, less stress.

If you are a busy professional who has an active social life in Singapore, handling HDB apartment renovation on your own does not make a lot of sense. You will lack the time required to complete the project quickly and efficiently. An interior design firm will give you a chance to focus on your profession or lifestyle while every aspect of the renovation is being monitored or executed on the basis of your requirements.

Interior Design Professionals Are Familiar with HDB Guidelines and Regulations

When working on your Singapore HDB renovation, you will have to keep in mind that various regulations and limitations apply.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) doesn’t allow certain modifications and types of apartment remodeling work. If you commit a violation, you may be forced to restore the apartment to its original appearance at your own expense.

Experienced interior designers know what’s permissible and which modifications will freshen up the appearance of the apartment without coming in conflict with the HDB guidelines.

This is one of the instances in which a DIY project can end up being much costlier than hiring professionals. If you don’t know what’s permissible and what’s not, talk with an interior designer who can craft a financially viable renovation project for you that makes the most sense.

You Don’t Have to Shop for Materials and Supplies

People who handle home renovations know where to get materials, accessories and supplies from.

The outcome of HDB apartment renovation is heavily dependent on the materials and the items that you purchase. People who don’t have the experience will either need to carry out thorough research to identify the best options or they’ll just buy the first thing that comes their way.

Interior designers know where to find quality materials, how much these cost and how to make the renovation project fit the client’s budget. When you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up spending too much on items and services you don’t really need. Your interior designer will act as a guide who will suggest the best options that are tailored to your individual needs. As a result, you will once again be saving money on the HDB renovation.

When to Hire an Interior Designer and When to Work on Your Own?

The answer to this question depends on your plans, your skills, and the scope of the project.

When making cosmetic adjustments that don’t involve a lot of structural work and remodeling, you can probably carry out the project on your own. In such instances, however, you should think about the available time and whether you have the tools needed to do a good job.

As far as bigger projects go, professional work will always be better.

An interior designer is a trained professional who knows how living spaces and structures work. Based on this knowledge, they can suggest new partitioning, practical changes that can make the home more comfortable or sustainable and even colour schemes that fit your renovation concept and work with the respective space.

The work of interior designers isn’t generic. On the contrary. They strive to create a personalised solution for clients on the basis of the apartment’s specifics and the parameters established in the preliminary requirements.

As you can see, you will still be heavily involved in the realisation of the project. Overcoming some of the HDB hurdles and other challenges along the way can be difficult on your own. In such instances, a designer will work hard to understand what you’re looking forward to and to determine the best strategy for accomplishing the goal.

Partnering with experienced and HDB certified professionals will  get you the best possible outcome. It’s also a good idea to look for designers who have enough experience in projects similar to what you want to do to the HDB flat.

Home Guide has worked on numerous residential projects through the years and we know exactly what the HDB regulations mean for a flat remodeling or renovation. Whether you have a project in mind or you’re looking for someone to plan the entire renovation, the Home Guide team can help. Contact us to schedule your first consultation today!

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