Inviting the Christmas Spirit in Your Home: Best Decorating Ideas

Inviting the Christmas Spirit in Your Home: Best Decorating Ideas

Your surroundings will determine just how festive your mood is going to get as Christmas approaches. The holidays are just around the corner and if you haven’t decorated yet, the time has come to consider the addition of some celebratory elements to your flat’s interior design.

Christmas décor doesn’t have to be too lavish or kitschy in order to convey the right message. You can easily find (or DIY) pieces that fit your aesthetics and make you feel warm inside.

Christmas Lights and Candles

If you’re tired of decorations that have already become so cliché (Christmas trees, wreaths, elves and reindeer figurines), you can always count on Christmas lights and candles to create a festive, elegant décor.

The best thing about lights and candles is that you can find all colours, easily matching the overall palette in your home. There are also blinking lights, wide-angle LED lights, icicle lights, colour changing lights and many other specialty products. If you have kids, they will be thrilled by all of the colour and the illumination. If you don’t, you can pick a sophisticated monochromatic light set that will feel like Christmas and look impressive.

Candles are great to put on coffee tables, window ledges, in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Scented or not – it’s really up to you. You can choose candles in the same colour (go for different shapes and sizes to create some layers) or go completely wild with different tones, patterns and designs that feel somewhat naïve and bring back the festivities you enjoyed during your childhood.

DIY Wreaths

Commercially manufactured wreaths often have that cheap synthetic feel to them. The good news is that a natural DIY wreath is so easy to create. It will give you uniqueness and you can choose natural materials to get a more exquisite look.

Pinterest and other social media can give you dozens of ideas and tutorials on wreath making.  In most cases, you’ll need a wire frame that’s used for the tying of the decorative elements. Speaking of which, you can easily gather materials like moss, pine cones, all kinds of natural greenery and branches, ribbons, beads, dried flowers, Christmas decorations, lights.

The rest depends on your original concept and dexterity. A wreath is great to place on the front door and it can even be used as a coffee table centrepiece in your living room. If you put it on the table, a candle can be housed inside the frame for an even more festive mood (just be careful and make sure that the creation doesn’t pose fire hazard).

Vintage Christmas Décor

To stay away from commercial Christmas décor you’ll find in just about every store, try to find authentic vintage pieces.

Many vintage festive decorations are handmade or crafted from high quality materials. Delicate and intricate, these decorations look much more like pieces of jewellery than something you’d hang on a Christmas tree.

Various Singapore vintage stores will give you access to glass Christmas toys, Christmas prints and wall art, wooden figurines, garlands, vintage lights and tabletop decorations. Discovering such treasures will take some time and an eye for detail. Doing a scavenger hunt right before the holidays, however, can turn into a fun family activity that will get you prepared for the upcoming celebrations.

Transform Your Dining Table

To complete the festive settings, consider new pieces for the dining table. The right setup is going to have a massive transformative effect you’ll get to enjoy each time you sit together for a meal.

A tablecloth and festive linens will quickly transform the area where you have breakfast, lunch and dinner. A statement centrepiece, as well as a candelabrum will also make sense. If you want to, bring out your favourite silver or gold-plated utensils for an added degree of opulence.

When in Doubt, Go for Gold

If you don’t like traditional Christmas colours like red and green, you can easily opt for an elegant alternative like gold.

Gold harmonises effortlessly with most colour palettes and it can match just about any interior design concept. Not only does it look elegant, gold adds warmth and shimmer to each room for an immediate uplifting effect.

You can feature gold in the form of Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, candles, embroidered textiles (throw pillows, blankets), gift wrapping and wall décor pieces. To create some balance, you can pair the gold elements with a few white pieces that add a neutral touch and let the room breathe.

Finally, don’t forget to bring your personality in the festive picture. You don’t need a holiday setup that looks like it’s been taken out of an interior design magazine. The little personal touches are the ones that will maximise enjoyment. So, don’t be afraid of hanging your kid’s Christmas art everywhere or painting a few baubles as a family. While these aren’t going to look perfect, they will give you the special sentiment needed to create a magical Christmas.

If you’d like to get some professional input and assistance on transforming your home this December, contact Home Guide now. We’d love to create a Christmas wonderland that will give your home décor that distinctive feel.

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