Inviting Prosperity into the Office in 2019: 6 Renovation Ideas

Inviting Prosperity into the Office in 2019: 6 Renovation Ideas

Another year is over and the time has come for a bit of recollection and future strategising. It’s important to pay attention to everything you’ve managed to accomplish already but also to the ways in which your business is still missing the mark.

Have you come up with positive changes for the coming year already? If you’re still thinking about the best ways to ensure the bright future of your company, you should consider an office renovation.

Renovating your Singapore office isn’t just about making it brighter and more welcoming. Through the selection of the right design, you can actually invite prosperity into your everyday work life. One of the easiest ways to accomplish the goal is to create an environment that encourages employees to be more productive in the office.

Design Focused on Your Mission Statement

Busy and overwhelmed by everyday responsibilities, many professionals forget about the mission statement and the corporate values that drive the organisation forward.

Office interior design that puts emphasis on the mission statement serves as a wonderful reminder of what’s important and how significant the long-term goal is.

A modern graphic representation of the mission statement painted on one of the office walls will look beautiful and fresh. This office décor element is also going to enhance the meaningfulness of the interior and foster innovation. Often, workers will feel uninspired and disengaged. A lovely mission wall can get them back on track as far as productivity goes.

Decluttered and Minimalist Interiors

According to Feng Shui, minimalism and open spaces are both essential for inviting prosperity into one’s home or office.

This is great since the absence of clutter and proper organisation are also key to stellar interior design solutions.

Clean interiors maximise the energy of those working or living in the respective space. The more positive the energy is, the easier it will be to attract prosperity.

The end of the year is a perfect time to get rid of clutter while attempting to renovate an office quickly and without having to spend a lot. You can have the entire team engaged in the procedure. Get rid of old documents that are no longer required for compliance purposes, stationery, supplies and even older furniture pieces that are no longer contributing to a welcoming and productive workplace environment.

The Work Itself

Once your interior design firm has done their job, however, the ball is in the court of the employer. As the employer, you also need to cater to the remaining wants of existing and potential employees regarding the work they do. This includes creating a collaborative work environment, offering self-regulation on projects, flexible work hours, engaging work and an environment of recognition for good work.

The Return for the Company

Given that only approximately half of the world’s employees say that they are proud to bring guests to their workplace, just over half feel that their workplace allows them to be productive, and a similar amount say their workplace creates a sense of camaraderie, there is clearly room for improvement. By creating the ideal workplace experience, employees will feel that their doing, seeing and feeling sentiments are met or exceeded. Companies that have made these factors their focus in their office design are also the companies that consistently outperform other companies with regards to company performance and employee productivity on the global stage. The benefits, therefore, include not only increased employee retention but better financial results.

Home Guide has years of experience designing beautiful and functional spaces for both retail and corporate clients. That experience means we provide the ultimate design solutions for our clients, that help maximise the benefits for their employees and customers alike. If your offices are in need of an overhaul to move from unproductive stagnation, to dynamic efficiency, contact us and we will provide the perfect solution.

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