Is a Vintage Style Right for Your Home?

Is a Vintage Style Right for Your Home?

If modern and minimalist interior design isn’t your thing, you may want to look towards the other end of the interior design spectrum. Vintage interior design in Singapore is very popular because of the sophisticated appeal and the cosy environment it creates. Is this the right option for your apartment, however?

What is Your Personal Style?

Residential interior design is often an extension of your personality. Thus, choosing to go the vintage route is all about your taste and preferences.

Are you a dynamic and modern person who is looking for a trendy, functional apartment? If so, vintage design may not be the right option for you.

On the other hand, people who value traditions and their heritage will feel much more comfortable in an environment that reminds them of the days gone by. Vintage designs usually have some emotional appeal to them. If this is a feature you find important, vintage may be the best way to go.

Can You Mix Modern and Vintage Together?

Is a Vintage Style Right for Your Home with Modern Vintage Mix

Would you like to get the best of both worlds? If so, you may want to consider ways in which modern and vintage can mix with each other.

Accomplishing such a goal can be difficult. A failure will make the final outcome look discombobulated rather than consistent. This is the main reason why you should hire interior design professionals for such projects. It would be even better if the respective company has sufficient experience in creating such hybrid designs.

Blending modern and vintage is all about the functionality of modern appliances and the comfort that comes with old-school furniture, accessories and fixtures. Something as simple as the addition of a Persian carpet to a living room can immediately change its appearance without reducing the functionality.

The little things matter in the world of vintage warmth and identifying the one piece that will tie the entire interior together. This is why professional involvement matters. A good interior design company in Singapore have the experience and the know-how to produce aesthetically pleasing results even when hybrid concepts are being utilised. You can have it both ways but the quality of the execution will be important.

Vintage Does Not Mean Dated

Is a Vintage Style Right for Your Home Vintage Does Not Mean Dated

Many people stay away from vintage residential design because they believe it will look and feel dated. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Once again, there are things to be done for the purpose of making a vintage piece of furniture, for example, look fresh and appealing.

Well-made antiques and high quality pieces are to be chosen. In this sense, quality matters much more than quantity. One well-made and properly maintained vintage loveseat can serve as the anchor in the living room. It will be enough to bring the concept to reality. There’s really no need to scatter vintage pieces around. For a start, the place will feel cluttered. In addition, multiple pieces are going to fight for attention and the design will lack a focal point.

Alternatively, vintage-inspired details can be utilised. This approach is going to be even more subtle. Your apartment will carry the spirit of decades gone by without looking worn and threadbare.

There are many modern pieces that feature vintage-inspired details. You will not even have to look for antiques in order to accomplish the goal. Once again, trust the sense and the professionalism of the Singapore interior design company you’re working with. After communicating the idea clearly, you will get a project that matches all of your preferences and requirements.

Vintage Interior Designs can be Quite Diversified

Is a Vintage Style Right for Your Home Vintage Can be Diversified

The term vintage design is cumulative but vintage interiors don’t all look the same.

To determine whether vintage interior design is right for your apartment, you may want to take a look at online galleries. Acquainting yourself with the opportunity will reveal there are dozens of possible executions.

Pastel tones and wrought iron ornaments often come to mind in the world of vintage design. These, however, aren’t the only possibilities. There is so much more to experiment with – luxurious and silky textiles, chandeliers, vintage desks, art deco piece sand large upholstered patterns for the sofas can all carry the spirit of a particular era to present-day Singapore.

The rules of vintage interior design aren’t that many and they can be broken to put together something a bit more eclectic. The essentials that matter include choosing an era to focus on, getting authentic pieces from that period or modern furniture carrying the specific signature, sticking to a suitable colour scheme and playing with textures. The rest of the interior design project will be open to interpretation.

Vintage shopping itself can be a lot of fun and it can provide the source of inspiration required to transform the interior of an apartment. Whether you visit antique shops or do some online investigative work, chances are that you’ll be infected by the spirit of the respective decade and its trademarks.

Choose the Right Team to Work on Your Vintage Interior Design

Is a Vintage Style Right for Your Home Find The Right Team

Just like modern designs, vintage interiors come with their specifics. To get the outcome you envision, you will have to pick a team that has the creativity and the experience to carry the idea to completion.

Home Guide is one such highly experienced and reputable Singapore interior design team.

We have the experience and the HDB licensing required to give our customers the best possible outcome. In addition, our residential portfolio is extensive and it demonstrates just how comfortable we are with an array of styles.

Do not hesitate to contact us today if you’re looking forward to working on a vintage interior design project for your apartment. We have many ideas that we’d like to share with you. In addition, the Home Guide team is recognized for the personalisation we carry out every single time. Once you share the concept with us, we will work hard to maintain the guidelines and give you precisely what you’re looking for.

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