Keep Christmas Local with These Home Decor Ideas

Keep Christmas Local with These Home Decor Ideas

Traditional Christmas decor has mostly been dominated by the plants, flowers and climate found in more northern areas like western Europe and north America. This means that holly, mistletoe, candles, snow and Christmas trees have come to epitomise Christmas decor traditions. It also gets dark early, so fires and candles help bring warmth and light, and the food is rich and hearty, to help provide warmth from the cold.

While it can be exciting to recreate the ‘traditional Christmas look’, we can also embrace what is happening locally in Singapore, which means opting for tropical summer elements instead. It can be just as elegant and festive to create a Christmas look using locally available elements, especially since Interior design in Singapore has become more global and adventurous. We have gathered some ideas that will bring the Christmas spirit to your home with a fresh and modern twist.

A Different Type of Greenery For A Fresh Look

The Christmas tree is often the focal point for Christmas decorations and you have several options available. Given that the interior world is focused on eco awareness at the moment, why not make a tree out of recycled materials like spoons or forks, or dress up a branch or some driftwood for green and minimal option.

If you opt for a living tree, you can get the European traditional trees like Firs and Spruce at local nurseries, however, even more on trend would be to choose an indigenous or at least tropical tree that is suited to our climate. Palm trees, Jarum-Jarum, Delicious Monsters, Pinwheels and Frangipani will all do well in pots and have graphic silhouettes, perfect for your statement Christmas tree. You can also use their leaves along with fruit and flowers to create striking wreaths and garlands so your theme runs throughout the house. Just remember when choosing greenery, some plants like Frangipani are poisonous so shouldn’t be used near food or in reach of children.

If you don’t want the bother of keeping your tree alive, there are many creative tree-alternatives that are all the rage in home interior decor this year. Piled books, glass bottles, boxes (which double as an advent calendar) or any other item en mass can create a striking 3D option. If space is an issue, you can go 2D with a wall mounted option; a cut-to-shape pegboard tree in a pastel hue is a lovely contemporary option, or create an outline with tinsel or lights which is equally effective and edgy.

Less Is More

When choosing your decorations, simple seems to be the style word of the year, though simple doesn’t have to mean sparse. Choose one item, like a paper bell, and create an oversized garland to decorate your stairs. Or choose one colour, like gold, and spray paint shells or interestingly shaped leaves to use as a centrepiece on your dining table.

Traditional is Tired

Though the traditional red green and gold instantly create the warm feelings of Christmas, mix things up a little to bring your Christmas decor into the present. A red and green colour scheme can still be used, yet with the addition of fresh and simple white elements, it feels instantly revived. Or, keep the traditional motifs and but introduce them in fresh, unexpected colours, like lime green and lilac. Alternatively leave the traditional behind entirely and go for something unexpected; eucalyptus leaves provide gentle greys and greens, which, coupled with dusty blues and fresh whites, create an eye catching contemporary palette.

Colour schemes aren’t the only thing being reviewed, decor options are also becoming more adventurous. Draw focus upwards by creating a hanging centrepiece above the dinner table, dripping with Christmas baubles and foliage, or create drama by leaving the room unadorned with an oversized mirror or server unit which has been draped with jewelled pendants and lush greenery as the focal point.

Don’t Forget the Kids

For the little ones, Christmas can be the most magical time of year, so why not let them have a little fun with the decor? In a white fresh space, a pink tree can add a little fun. Or if you want to keep the decor for the adults, create a hide-and-seek advent calendar for the kids to have a little fun searching for each day’s gift. And of course, get them involved in the preparations, making Christmas cookies or traditional treats with the little ones is a great way to keep  little hands busy and start a tradition that lasts through the years

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