Kitchen Wall Décor and Why You Need It

Kitchen Wall Décor and Why You Need It

When thinking about wall décor, you’re probably considering rooms like the living room or the bedroom. The kitchen is a space that gets considered in more practical terms. That’s why many homeowners don’t even think about beautifying the walls of the kitchen. Decorating the kitchen walls, however, can really lift the aesthetics of the space.

If you’re wondering about the placement of wall décor in any room, just do it! The right picture, wall rug, tapestry, sculptural element or even mosaic can tie the entire interior design concept together and deliver some instant polish.

A splash of colour on the wall or an aesthetically pleasing peace of art will instantly make you feel good. Not just that, it can provide the inspiration required to create a culinary masterpiece your entire family is going to enjoy.

A poster on the wall or any other décor element will deliver an immediate transformation. Wall décor doesn’t have to be expensive or massive in order to make a statement. A well-curated piece will be noticed immediately and it will create a much-needed focal point in a space that’s usually more or less neutral.

So, how do you go about selecting wall décor for your kitchen? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Choosing Kitchen Wall Décor

There isn’t a right or wrong approach when it comes to choosing decorative elements. In order to ensure interior design consistency, however, you can count on some of the following pointers.

Bring Function and Beauty Together with Plants

home interior desig kitchen with plants
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Hanging little pots on the wall or adding shelving to hold an herb garden on the wall will bring the beauty of nature and the functionality you need for meal prep together.

Plants are a welcomed addition to any space inside the home. They’re often missing in the kitchen, however. The lack of space is often to blame. Furthermore, cabinetry will occupy a lot of space and make smaller plants completely inconspicuous.

That’s why you can use plants as well décor. Herb pots can be fairly small and they’ll keep on growing year-round. If you’re a connoisseur who enjoys fresh herbs and spices, this is the right way to go with the kitchen wall décor selection.

Go Bold with Colours

Kitchen Wall Decor Home Interior Design Bold Colourful

We have seen many run-of-the-mill kitchen colour schemes – white, black, beige, brown, navy blue. Wall décor provides the perfect opportunity to feature a bright and fun pop of colour in the kitchen space.

Oil paintings, photographs, hanging canvas prints, posters, collages and even painted wood art are some choice to consider.  Even colourful wallpaper will contribute to an immediate mood change in your kitchen space.

Tapestries, rugs and fabrics can also be utilised because they’ll do a bit more than adding some colour and pattern. Textiles will also give texture that increases visual interest. Speaking of which:

Add Texture for Depth and Movement

Kitchen Wall Decor Home Interior Design wall texture

Wall décor isn’t just about colour and pattern. Texture is another element that can add  depth and movement to the kitchen space.

Textiles aren’t the only choice you have when you want to add texture to the wall.

A metallic piece of wall art is going to be super fun and stylish.

You can also try out ceramic plates or pottery hung on the wall, mosaics, woven baskets or even placemats that get hung on the wall when they’re not being used. Think outside the box or visit a vintage shop – chances are that you’ll find a great piece that’s easy to put on the wall and display in the kitchen.

Contribute to Your Own Wall Décor

Kitchen Wall Decor Home Interior Design wall chalkboard

A simple chalk board hung on the wall is such a fun, interactive piece. It can also add a lot of convenience to the kitchen space.

A blackboard can be used to write down recipes or leave inspirational messages for family members to enjoy. You can even try creating your own art that’s reflective of your mood on that very day.

Hanging a corkboard will give you something similar. That one can be used for favourite family photos, pictures your kids have drawn, magazine clippings, recipes and anything else that you’d want to hang on the kitchen wall.

Don’t be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box when it comes to personalising your home. Remember that interior design rules provide general guidelines for what looks good. Breaking those rules every once in a while, however, can deliver some stellar results. This is especially true for situations in which you come up with a strong vision that you believe in.

Contact Home Guide if you need expert help executing that vision. It’s our main priority to communicate thoroughly with clients, understand their goals and fulfil ambitious home visions. To learn a bit more about our the various home interior styles that we have achieved, check out our residential portfolio or ask us direct questions about kitchen renovations.

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