Laundry Room Design: How to Make It Practical

Laundry Room Design: How to Make It Practical

Just like the home kitchen, the laundry room is a functional zone. This doesn’t mean, however, its design has to be entirely practical. A laundry room can be stylish and functional at the same time to fit in with home interior design. To accomplish both goals, however, you have to consider the specifics of the space and the ways in which its going to get utilised.

When coming up with a laundry room design, keep the following ideas in mind in order to make the space perfect for its purpose and aesthetically-pleasing.

Focus on Storage First

Laundry rooms often look messy because lots of things have to be kept inside of them. Clothing hampers, hangers, laundry supplies, cleaning tools, ironing boards and various others will need to find their place inside the laundry room.

To make interior design great, focus on smart storage before choosing anything else for the room.

Cabinets, open shelves, folding storage units and even ceiling storage cells will be much-needed in the laundry room. If the space is fairly small, go vertical instead of horizontal. Placing shelves above each other will help you organise essentials neatly and keep them readily available.

White Is Not The Only Colour

Many people will keep the laundry room all white. While such a colour scheme looks pristine, it lacks personality and gives off a vibe of sterility.

The right colour scheme can bring this utilitarian area to life. Deep green or sky blue are both vibrant choices that will immediately “lift” and transform the overall execution.

Needless to say, these aren’t the only colours worth exploring.

You can match the laundry room colour scheme to the rest of the apartment. You can go for something completely different. It’s really up to you to add a bit of brightness to the room. Colour can be added through wall paint, textiles or storage units that are painted in the respective tone. The only elements that will be free from colour are going to be the appliances.

To take it a step further, choose patterned wallpaper or use stencils to add graphic elements to the walls. While a bit quirky, such designs will definitely make your laundry room unique and fun.

Quality Materials

Stylishness and beauty aren’t always about loud colours and bold décor. Sometimes, luxurious and beautiful materials will be enough to bring a concept to life.

Natural wood, stone, marble and metal will give your laundry room the visual appeal that you desire.

If you choose hardwood (for example – cabinetry), make sure that it’s away from the washing machine and the sink. We suggesting using laminates that mimic the material you like for this area instead of actual wood. Laundry rooms tend to be quite humid. Materials that aren’t water-proof can get damaged in such environment. Wood can be protected through the addition of varnish. Furthermore, the right colour will transform plain wooden planks into something much more exciting.

As far as flooring goes, tiles are a typical choice for a laundry room.

Tiles today, however, are available in all shapes and sizes. You can go for classic tiles or ones that resemble another material. There are such beautiful options out there that they will create the perfect illusion.

Install a Large, Deep Sink in the Laundry Room

We’ve already mentioned a sink as a part of the laundry room’s design and here’s why you need to have one.

Sometimes, you’ll have to treat stains before throwing clothes in the washing machine. Some delicates will need to be hand-washed. A sink also allows you to do some easy cleanup every once in a while.

To make the design practical, place the sink next to the washing machine. Choose a variety that’s deep enough to accommodate even larger clothing pieces and home textiles without a ton of water spilling.

Don’t Forget Proper Illumination

Very often, laundry rooms lack windows or they’re positioned in a part of the residential space that isn’t properly illuminated.

Proper lighting selection will add some brightness and also highlight key functional areas.

Spot lights above the sink will help you identify stains easily and treat them before actually washing clothes.

Ceiling lights should come in warm, inviting tones. Go for energy-efficient lights, just like you should in the rest of the house. Such bulbs are very long-lived and they’ll save you a ton of money on your electricity bills. And while the laundry room isn’t the one you’ll be spending most of your time in, it’s still a good idea to choose consistency when planning the sustainability of your home.

Speaking of sustainability, energy-efficient appliances are always a good idea, as well.

When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

If you don’t know how to approach this interior design project, focus on simplicity. All elements that have no functional role should be kept out of the laundry room  while focusing on the key points above will make a world of difference – storage, colour, materials, a wash sink and proper illumination.

Simple and clean is always beautiful to look at. This is especially important for small spaces that can start feeling cramped in a matter of seconds.

Are you clueless about laundry room design? Does your flat lack the space for the placement of a separate laundry room? Home Guide is the best interior design company in Singapore to you design,  plan and execute your next home renovation in Singapore. And we can most definitely help you plan and execute the perfect laundry room concept. Contact us now and we’ll get started on your project immediately.

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