Let’s Plan Your Northshore StraitsView BTO Home Together

Let’s Plan Your Northshore StraitsView BTO Home Together

Do you dream about living alongside the picturesque Punggol Northshore seafront area? That would be possible in the very near future with the completion of the newest Northshore project.

Waterfront I at Northshore, Waterfront II at Northshore and Northshore StraitsView are three developments located near the Samudera and Punggol Point LRT stations. Convenient, provided with the right amenities and located in an exceptional part of Singapore, these properties can help you put together the home of your dream (with a little bit of professional assistance).

Northshore StraitsView has just reached its TOP date but due to the coronavirus pandemic, some delays were inevitable. As the project is coming close to completion, however, it’s a good idea to start planning your new home with a professional and experienced home interior design company.

Northshore StraitsView: Project Overview

Northshore StraitsView had its sales launch in November 2015. The estimated TOP date is September 1, 2019. Due to the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, however, delays of up to nine months are anticipated. Factoring this postponement into the equation brings the new TOP date to March 1, 2021.

As of currently, HDB official announcements suggest that the project is 91 per cent complete.

Upon completion, Northshore StraitsView will feature 1021 residential BTO units that range from 2-room to 5-room flats. An eatery, minimart, shops and a childcare centre alongside a residents’ committee centre will also be located within the building.

The area is characterised by a lot of greenery and peaceful surroundings. Centrally-located gardens and walkways are to give the community its distinct, organic vibe. Northshore StraitsView, as the name suggests, is intended to offer residents a sea view and lots of public spaces that residents can use to interact with each other and form a community bond.

The Northshore StraitsView area is also characterised by an interactive children’s playground, fitness amenities for adults and for seniors, pavilions, gathering spaces and resting shelters. It’s easy to see that the range of recreational and wellness activities is diversified, enabling home owners enjoy a lot more than the comforts and conveniences provided within the building.

Modern Living Through Environmentally-Friendly, Smart Solutions

The Northshore StraitsView project put emphasis on smart, environmentally-friendly living.

The BTO units will benefit from innovative recycling opportunities, solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption and resource conservation, bicycle stands and car sharing scheme facilitations.

On top of that, smart solutions will be integrated into the flats for comfortable and fully adjustable living. Some of these include smart-enabled home infrastructure, car park management systems, pneumatic waste conveyance, smart lights and smart irrigation that will maintain the lush greenery without wasting away precious water.

These provide the perfect framework for the creation of sustainable and cost-efficient home interiors. A little bit of smart planning and creative interior design work can bring these solutions to the next level in terms of resource conservation and modern living.

It’s Time to Envision Your Brand New StraitsView Home

Are you excited about this brand new opportunity? Ready to start thinking big and planning your future? The Home Guide team can help you turn the StraitsView BTO into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’ve acquired a 2-room or a much larger flat, we can help you realise the property’s full potential in line with your vision.

Northshore StraitsView HDB BTO 2 room living area 3D idea

Your 2-room BTO flat at Northshore StraitsView will give you everything needed for comfortable existence minus the clutter. From a fully-functional kitchen to a peaceful master bedroom, you can have it all when you go through sufficient space planning.

Northshore StraitsView HDB BTO 3 room living dining

A 3-room flat at the Northshore StraitsView BTO provides more flexibility, a chance to put together the perfect family dining room for shared meals and the comfort of having a master bedroom with a master bathroom attached to it.

Northshore StraitsView HDB BTO 4 room living
Northshore StraitsView HDB BTO 5 room living area

If you are considering interior design work within a 4-room or a 5-room BTO flat, you will most definitely need to think about a cosy living area, the potential setup of your study and the creation of a little childhood oasis that your kid will use to learn, play and grow.

Please check out our 3D projects to get a better idea about how your brand new living space can be updated, elevated and brought to a whole new levels through the power of renovation and home décor. With Home Guide, you can enjoy the house of your dreams without having to spend a ton of money on project conceptualisation or execution.

BTO Design Made to Measure

We know what BTO interior design and renovation entail. Most see an empty residential space and we see the possibilities that hide within the white walls.

The Northshore StraitsView apartments provide the perfect opportunities for simple, effective and highly comfortable design choices to be made.

We see the beauty of the region and we believe that NorthShore StraitsView has a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle. This is why we’ve kept the interior design concepts clean and minimal. At the same time, they all have distinct personalities and vibes in line with owner character.

If you haven’t done any interior design work on your brand new BTO, the time is right to start thinking about it.

Check out our portfolio of residential work to get a better idea about the Home Guide philosophy and the range of projects we have executed in the past. We also have special promo packages to give you the biggest bang for your residential renovation work.

Contact us today to schedule your free of charge consultation with the team. You will benefit from a free HomeAlive 360-Degree Design interactive tour of your place as we envision it. Based on that meeting and the finalised concept we agree upon, we will help you come up with the perfect solutions and we’ll provide you with e detailed quote to make planning easier.

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