Light and Fixture Ideas for Your Brand New HDB Apartment

Light and Fixture Ideas for Your Brand New HDB Apartment

Light can be used to accomplish a complete transformation in the appearance of your HDB apartment. The brightness, the colour, the placement of the fixtures and their shape will all play a role in realising the home interior design theme.

A brand new HDB apartment will lack personality and charisma. This problem can be addressed easily through the selection of the right lights. To improve the appearance of the space, you will have to take the following in consideration.

Choose Lights That Are Right for the Size/Shape of the Space

Scale is of uttermost importance in the field of professional Singapore interior design services. Every single decision that a good interior designer companymake is based on the size of the space and the goal that is to be accomplished.

The brightness and the placement of lights are especially dependent on scale. An oversized pendant isn’t the perfect choice for a tiny kitchen. The same applies to a standing light that is placed in a gigantic living room. In the first case, the fixture will overpower all other accessories in the room. The second scenario will contribute to insufficient light.

While you may think that it’s impossible to have too much light in the room, this isn’t the case. If the space is tiny and the bulbs are very bright, the effect will be quite aggressive and anything but comfortable.

Fewer fixtures are a good pick for a smaller apartment like a studio. Compact living spaces don’t need too many accessories. You may want to choose one large chandelier or a pendant that becomes the focal point of the room. A large apartment, on the other hand, will benefit from multiple fixtures that are placed strategically.

Use Mirrors and Maximise Natural Light

While fixtures play both a decorative and a functional role in your Singapore apartment, you should do your best to maximise the use of natural light.

Natural light will enhance your mood and it will make the interior appear more cheerful. Every residential interior designer will tell you that the aim of remodelling projects is to increase the use of natural light as much as possible.

One simple and very effective trick is the use of mirrors to help natural light disperse through the entire apartment.

Mirrors reflect light. Because of this effect, they will make rooms appear a lot brighter. Mirrors can be placed to reflect the light from the brightest rooms into ones that are dimmer. The placement of a mirror across from the window will be sufficient to accomplish the goal.

Mirrors that feature beautiful, handcrafted frames will give you the added bonus of serving as accessories. This way, you will be hitting two birds with one stone and the cost of execution will remain manageable.

Accent Lighting

The main lights and fixtures have already been chosen and it’s now time to move to something a bit more exciting.

Accent lighting is going to be a great addition to your HDB apartment. It is quite discrete and it can be used to set the tone and the mood. In addition, accent lights can be used to highlight certain accessories or to create functional areas in the room.

A lamp used to illuminate a favourite painting of yours and bathe it in warm light is one example of such accent lights. You can also use coloured bulbs to focus on an area. They are great for a relaxation spot or for a place where you plan to spend romantic evenings with a significant other.

Don’t Forget about Energy Efficiency!

Both aesthetic and practical considerations have been discussed so far but we haven’t touched upon energy efficiency yet.

Lights have a pronounced impact on your electricity bill. Small appliances and lights in the apartment contribute to approximately 60 per cent of the electricity bill. In comparison, the share of air conditioners is only 16 per cent. Thus, a switch from standard to green lights is going to have a pronounced effect on the apartment’s sustainability.

Switching to CFL and LED light bulbs is a great option for reducing electricity expenditure and the apartment’s carbon footprint. CFL lights use approximately 70 per cent less energy than the old-school incandescent light bulbs. The only problem with these lights is that they require a bit of time to warm up and reach their optimal brightness.

While LED lights are more expensive than standard bulbs, they bring a high return on investment in the form of reduced electricity consumption. One of their biggest advantages is that they tend to last much longer than CFL lights, reducing the need for replacements. This is yet another way in which money can be saved while taking care of the environment.

Everybody wants a bright, welcoming new apartment. The best way to accomplish the goal involves the use of strategically placed lights. To accomplish the goal, you should definitely consider assistance from an experienced interior design team. These professionals understand interior spaces and how to increase the amount of light in each.

Your brand new HDB apartment will come with standard lighting but you should certainly opt for more memorable fixtures. Luckily, the market has dozens of options for you to choose.

Once you know what theme and interior design concept you’ll be pursuing, it’s time to start looking for an interior design company to partner up with. Both reputation and experience will matter, which is why you should choose professionals like the Home Guide team.

Home Guide is an interior design company in Singapore that has decades of experience in the residential interior design. We are HDB-licensed, which means that we adhere to the highest standards. If you are looking for HDB apartment upgrades or a bit of assistance for the selection of the best lights, you should definitely contact us. Looking forward to learning more about your new place and the ways in which we could help you!

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