Lighting Designs and Trends That Will Dominate 2023

Lighting Designs and Trends That Will Dominate 2023

How much time do you dedicate to the selection of the right lights for your home? You have to make a number of important choices – type of bulbs, light colour and intensity, fixture design. All of these matter and the effects are going to be both functional and aesthetic.

Like other aspects of interior design, lights change with each passing year.

New designs and new technologies marry exceptionally well to deliver fresh possibilities and deliver smarter, more personalised solutions.

If you’re about to choose new lights for your flat in 2023, here are a few of the top trends to consider and the reasons why these may be a great choice.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Sustainable interior design isn’t a new thing. In fact, it’s been gaining popularity for several years in a row. As a part of it, you should consider the selection of sustainable lighting solutions. They’ll continue being hot in 2023 and beyond, they’ll reduce your home’s environmental footprint and they’ll also result in a more manageable electricity bill.

LED bulbs deliver excellent longevity and their energy consumption is super low in comparison to standard bulbs.

Studies suggest that LED lights consume about 50 per cent less electricity in comparison to incandescent and halogen options. Quality LED lights also have a lifespan of anywhere between 30,000 and 50,000 hours (in comparison, fluorescent lights have a life of about 10,000 hours).  Controllability and instant on are other great features of these lights.

Other sustainable lighting solutions worth exploring this year include the installation of dimmers, tactical task lighting and motion sensors. The selection of the right paint colour for each room can also contribute to more energy-efficient lighting systems.

Layered Lighting

Designers and interior design experts predict that 2023 is going to be the year of layered lights.

The term layered lighting refers to the use of different kinds of light to create functional zones and a balanced space.

Usually, layered lighting has three components – ambient, task and accent lights. While one sets the overall mood, the other two can be used to increase the usability of the space and direct attention where it needs to be.

Using multiple light sources can deliver great, dynamic results if you know what you’re doing. As a general rule of thumb, ambient lights should be softer, task lights focus on brightness in specific spots and accent lights highlight art, wall décor and some of the most intriguing architectural elements.

Globe Lights

Also known as bubble lights, these ones are going to be very, very popular over the course of the year. The reason why the design never goes out of style is because it matches just about any interior design concept.

Spherical fixtures can be clustered together to deliver mid-century vibes. Depending on the material that the fixtures are made of and their opacity, the sentiment can be quite retro and nostalgic.

If futuristic and modern is your thing, opt for LED globe clusters. Clean and super sleek, these are the perfect choice for a minimalist home. Globe ceiling pendants give you the in-between option that’s versatile and a great match to many popular home interior design styles.

Sculptural Fixtures

Anyone who feels inspired by a more artistic and unorthodox approach towards light selection should consider sculptural fixtures and lamps.

Sculptural lights are being promoted because they allow for the execution of a popular 2023 trend – the use of lighting as a focal interior design element and a statement.

There’s a big selection of sculptural lights – from ornate and classical to abstract. Various materials are also used to enforce the specific statement and give each individual piece more depth and meaning.

Some sculptural lights are also inspired by the beauty of nature – the gracefulness of three branches, the movement of the ocean waves or the immaculate clarity of glass. Beautiful natural silhouettes can easily add fluidity and serenity to the home.

Sculptural lights are also going to work really well with another 2023 popular interior design trend – curvaceous shapes and lines that create better movement and less angularity than traditional edges and sharp lines.

Bespoke Lights

The world has been moving away from mass-manufactured items. More home owners than ever before want pieces that are unique, that are reflective of their personality/lifestyle.

If you have a very particular idea for a light fixture design, go for it. Bespoke lights are an amazing way to add personality to your home without making a compromise with the design vision.

Bespoke solutions aren’t going to focus on just fixtures or individual pieces. In fact, many homeowners are choosing entire lighting systems that are custom-made to make the most of the available space and layout.

Anyone who’s considering the selection of bespoke furniture may want to have some wiring installed into those pieces. When such choices are made in advance, the addition of lights built into the individual unit becomes much easier.

Every single interior design element matters and you shouldn’t leave its selection to chance. Lights and other décor work together to give you the most in terms of visuals and function. Contact Home Guide if you want the right idea, the perfect project and the most tailored execution for your flat in 2023.

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