Making Black Elements Work in Your Interior Design

Making Black Elements Work in Your Interior Design

What do you envision when thinking about those breath-taking spreads in interior design magazines? Expensive materials? Sleek surfaces? Black design elements? All of these can bring luxury and sophistication to the table.

Black is a neutral colour that can make a powerful statement. That’s the reason why some people are hesitant about featuring it in their home interior design.

When used correctly and intentionally, however, black can result in a stunning outcome. If you don’t know how to use the tone and produce something really balanced, the following guide will provide some pointers.

Test It Out

The vision in your head isn’t necessarily going to look amazing in real life. That’s why starting out small is a great idea to test out the potential of a certain interior design element.

Black is a tone that makes an impact, even when used sparingly.

To determine if it’s going to work in your home, start with a couple of small black elements. Black cabinets in the kitchen, black frames on artwork, a few throw pillows – choose these accents to determine the potential of the colour in each of the rooms.

Remember – a little bit goes a long way with a colour like black. Tiny changes can really transform the ambiance in a room. You don’t need to go overboard with something massive or drastic to completely change the way a certain space looks or feels.

Bring It into the Furniture

Another idea focuses on larger pieces like furniture.

Black furniture looks really expensive and chic, regardless of the price tag attached to it. There is something lovely and timeless about black wood. It’s suitable for bedroom pieces, living room furniture and even kitchen or bathroom items.

By picking all of your furniture in a certain room to be black, you create consistency. The minimalist approach to tone selection works really well to add elegance. A splash of colour can be brought in through the selection of the right accessories.

This is one of the easiest ideas to execute and it’s suitable for people who lack professional knowledge in interior design and home renovation.

Apart from choosing black as the colour of your furniture, try to discover pieces that are polished and brag sleek surfaces (a matte finish would be another very interesting choice). Shiny surfaces create a minimalist feel and they look expensive. Additionally, a coat of varnish or sealant simplifies the processes of furniture cleaning and maintenance.

Create a Black Accent Wall

If you’re seeking a more unorthodox way to make black modern and appealing, try adding a black accent wall to a room of choice.

This project is a bit trickier to execute, which is why you’ll need to do some preliminary thinking and strategising.

A black accent wall, especially if the rest of the room features softer neutrals or other tones, adds timeless appeal and some drama to the space. It’s also very trendy and it can be used to break up interior design and create an effortless focal point.

As a general rule of thumb, the black accent wall should be a smaller one. Painting the longest section of the room all black can easily dominate the space in an unattractive way. There’s also some risk of making the space seem dark and gloomy.

Remember that accents shouldn’t be large and pronounced. A smaller accent wall that features black and perhaps some interesting texture will be a stylish and upscale addition to any space. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to achieve the effect. Paint gives you a clean surface but you can also use some special products (matte, metallic, etc.). Wallpaper makes the addition of texture an effortless task.

Pair with the Right Kinds of Lights

We’ve discussed the importance of natural light and good overall lighting for every flight.

When you make black elements the star of your home décor show, good light becomes even more important.

If you have a lot of black in the room, you will need some extra light to balance out the darkening effect. Choose lots of lamps and the right kinds of fixtures/chandeliers to amplify the light. Mirrors are also a must-use because they can reflect both natural and artificial light for a brighter room.

Light colour is also something worth considering. Warm lights work really well with black elements, creating a regal, warm and inviting home. Cool tones aren’t optimal because they usually produce a more sterile environment.

A black space can seem too dark, even depressing, if the idea isn’t executed correctly. Those who lack the trained eye of a professional can go overboard so quickly. At the same time, black is a colour worth exploring because of its impact. Are you worried that you wouldn’t be capable of striking the right kind of balance? If so, contact Home Guide now.

Our team specialises in contemporary, timeless interior design solutions. Regardless of your lifestyle and preferences, we will optimise the space to meet every single need and give you some aesthetic, visual harmony. Your home deserves classiness and elegance. We can bring both and then some more!

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