Mid-Century Modern: A Returning Office Design Trend

Mid-Century Modern: A Returning Office Design Trend

Mid-century modern interior design is making a rapid comeback in both residential interior design projects and office interior design projects. The style is recognised for practicality and comfort. It originated in the aftermath of World War II to produce decors that are bold, beautiful and fun at the same time.

It’s easy to see how mid-century modern interior design can quickly boost the appeal of a residential project. We have been seeing a comeback to this style in the world of office décor. So, why is this trend returning to the corporate world and what kinds of office concepts can be created this way?

Office Timelessness with Mid-Century Modern Design

Are you a fan of Mad Men? If you’ve ever watched the show, you know what a mid-century modern office looks like.

Mid-century modern offices dominated the scene in the 1960s and 1970s. They are making a serious comeback today, resulting in some beautiful contrast from the streamlined high-tech office.

At the limelight of the mid-century modern craze, people treated the office as their home away from home. Right now, we’re seeing a call for the creation of more such spaces. Modern businesses are moving away from the strict corporate appeal. They’re looking for a more home-like feel in the office, which is why mid-century modern interior design offers excellent opportunities.

Creating the Mid-Century Modern Office Vibe: Clean Lines

Every reputable Singapore interior design company will start with overall space planning before moving on to the details. When working with a mid-century modern concept, clean lines happen to be one of the biggest essentials.

This applies to the furniture, to decorations and to even room organisation.

Mid-century modern furniture tends to be quite simple. There are no excessive ornaments or decorative works. Tables and desks are excellent for the creation of clean, straight lines that give the space a lot of geometric appeal. This, however, doesn’t mean that everything needs to be rectangular and boxy.

All kinds of geometric patterns and clean, minimalist shapes are welcome in the world of mid-century modern design. Triangles and even circles can give the space a bit of dynamic appeal while still maintaining the dynamism of the overall spatial planning.

Choosing the Right Storage Units

When it comes to furniture and functional office pieces, storage units rank among the most essential products you’ll have to select

Closed storage units are most in line with the mid-century modern design philosophy.

Closed units make it very easy to hide away contemporary tech clutter. As a result, you can easily enforce the retro vibe at the office and make the employees feel like they’ve taken a time machine to a couple of decades back.

Open shelves, on the other hand, can be used to display books, potted plants and even beautiful artwork (little figurines, sculptures, framed pictures or posters).  This means that storage units can still be diversified and streamlined when such a choice makes sense, as long as they’re being utilised in an optimal way.

Pops of Colour

All office design elements mentioned so far are functional.

They aim to optimise the space, create a clean concept and result in effortless accessibility. Mid-century modern design, however, isn’t just about function. As we’ve already mentioned in the introduction, it’s a lot of fun. And fun is easiest to achieve with bold use of colours.

Functional and minimal furniture can easily be brightened up with a couple of accessories. A bold pillow or a little colourful rug will be the kinds of accessories that make the transition to the home environment at the office.

The use of colours needs to be strategic. A well-chosen bright piece can easily stand out and create a focal point in a corporate space that’s otherwise subdued. There’s really no need to go for dozens of brightly coloured accessories. A few high quality pieces can deliver a much better outcome than numerous knick-knacks fighting for attention.

Let It Be Light

The final aspect of mid-century office interior design we need to discuss is light.

Having sufficient amounts of light is essential for a corporate space. Light boosts productivity, makes the office more cheerful and welcoming. Light fixtures, however, can also be used as statement pieces that reinforce the chosen interior design theme.

In the world of mid-century modern interior design, lights are bold and unapologetic.

Sculptural lamps are an excellent example of a fixture that fits the concept beautifully. Once again – think of Mad Men and the typical desk lamps of the show. While everything else is functional and clean, a sculptural light can create some contrast and make a statement.

Standing lamps and accent lights that illuminate functional areas can also be utilised to create different zones, each one with its specific function.

Making the Mid-Century Modern Office a Reality

Mid-century modern interior design dominated for several decades. As a result, there’s no one single way to execute such a concept.

A mid-century modern office can be very eclectic and daring. It can also be minimal and functional. It can be a combination of both.

An interior design partner like Home Guide can help you conceptualise the mid-century modern office design elements that make the most sense within your line of work. The best office decors are personalised, suitable for the respective number of people who will be inhabiting the space and original.

Check out our office design portfolio to get a better understanding of our work philosophy and the types of projects that we feel comfortable with. If you’re ready to get started, contact Home Guide right now to discuss the specifics of the execution.

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