Most Important Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Most Important Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Good interior design is all about personalisation and achieving the ambiance that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed at home. interior design Singapore professionals will take your needs and preferences in consideration when working on a new project. On occasions, however, the things that you desire could come in sharp disagreement with common interior design principles.

To make your residential interior design both functional and beautiful, design professionals will base their decisions on several well-established standards. These are incredibly important because they help for the avoidance of some of the most common interior design mistakes.

The Selection of the Wrong Furniture

Most Important Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid - Wrong Furniture

Choosing furniture without considering the dimensions of the room is a very, very common interior design mistake.

Chances are that you’ve gone to at least one or two HDB apartments that feature either under-sized or over-sized furniture. Needless to say, both of these will look bad. In one instance, such furniture will appear way out of proportion. In the second case, it will take away from the space and make the room look small.

The size of the space is essential for proper scaling and an experienced interior design professional will tell you to keep that in mind when furniture shopping. The same applies to the size of furniture you’ve already acquired and the manner in which it will compare to the new pieces.

Not Enough Light

Most Important Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid - Insufficient Lighting

The size of your apartment, the number of windows and the location will all impact the amount of light that gets inside.

Experienced interior designers will tell you that most of their choices are made to maximise the amount of light in the living space. If there isn’t enough light, rooms will look small, cramped and gloomy.

There are things that can be done to counter the issues contributing to insufficient light. The selection of wall colours like white and beige creates additional brightness. The same applies to the strategic placement of mirrors so that the light can bounce off them.

Singapore interior design companies also put a lot of emphasis on the selection of the right fixtures and lights. Not only will they allow for enough light in the room, they will also set the mood and create a certain ambiance in the respective room. Thus, leaving the selection of lights to chance is a massive mistake that can have serious consequences.

Getting Everything to Match

Most Important Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid - Matching Furniture

An apartment that features every single item in a matching style with other furnishings or accessories has probably been designed by an amateur.

Getting everything to match will result in an interior that’s way too predictable and way too boring.

If you work with an interior designer, you’ll see that such experts like to break the rules every now and then. An item that is stylistically incongruent with the rest of the design can create a focal point and a bit of dynamism inside the home.

Most home owners are invested in a single theme or a style. It may have an emotional appeal or it simply looks aesthetically pleasing. Looking for consistency in home renovations is certainly a good idea. Trying to match everything, however, will lead to a mundane result and accomplishing the goal will also be incredibly hard.

Coordination does lead to cohesiveness. Overmatching, however, takes away contrast from the room. Even if you have outstanding pieces there, they will be lost in the overall synchronisation.

Accessory Clutter

When shopping for accessories, you can easily go overboard in an attempt to create the cosiest HDB apartment ever.

You should always edit your decisions before finalising purchases. Otherwise, you will commit a simple and quite detrimental mistake – accessory clutter.

Having a sofa drowning in pillows and placing too many art pieces on the wall will contribute to both sensory and functional overload.

Accessories are utilised to add a bit of comfort. Thus, you need a cushion or two on the sofa. A small soft rug in front of the coffee table will also be good because it will add a pop of colour and some warmth. Decorative items scattered everywhere, however, will take away from the beauty of the composition and the available space.

A cluttered home is difficult to maintain and it could eventually begin harbouring dust and allergens. Even if you fall in love with an array of accessories, coordinate the decision with your interior designer before buying. This way, you will get to narrow it down to a few quality pieces that are worth getting.

Stubbornly Hanging on to Heirloom Pieces

Items that have been in the family for a long time have a lot of emotional appeal. You associate them with various positive memories, which is why you’ll want to keep them in your home.

If you want a modern residential interior design or you’re looking into minimalism, however, family heirlooms will look quite out of place in the aftermath of the renovation.

You don’t have to put your grandma’s chest drawer in your brand new bedroom. Such items can be protected for the coming generations without being an actual part of the brand new interior design. Alternatively, an old item can be freshened up a bit or repurposed. You will get to keep it and it will be stylistically-relevant.

Asking the right questions before getting started with an interior design project will save you from some pretty big mistakes. When having a conversation with your interior designer, you will narrow down the concept and the steps that will have to be undertaken to bring it to reality. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, ask for feedback and eventually elevate the original vision you had.

Are you looking for interior design assistance? Do you have a specific plan for your Singapore living space? The Home Guide team is ready to help. Please contact us today by filling out the blank on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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